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Do You Want To Create A Room In Messenger Rooms & Invite Friends?

How to create a room using Messenger Rooms
Written by Hassan Abbas

Create A Room In Messenger Rooms: Messenger Rooms is Facebook’s answer to Lifesize, Zoom, and Houseparty like platforms. As they are experiencing exponential growth in their customer base during Coronavirus lockdown.

As video conferencing flourishes during this prevalent because of our personal and professional needs. Also, it was high time and the whole world suffer from COVID-19.

So, here are some Messenger Rooms, which enables you to create your video chat rooms. Also, it depends on how you can configure it, also non-Facebook users can join the room. So, let’s view, how to create a room and invite your loved ones to join in.

What is a Room?

The answer is quite easy and simple. It’s all about a group video chat having up to 50 people who may or may not be on Facebook. Also, one needs a Facebook account to create or host a room. But if you want to join, you want an invite a link, and an Android or a PC, and you’re good to go.

Yes, you don’t also want Facebook or Messenger apps for this. Tapping the link will take you to the browser of your device (desktop/mobile), also you can ‘join in as a guest’ from there.

How to create a room using Messenger Rooms

Let’s view how to use your Messenger app to create a room and invite your loved ones to join in.

Step 1:

At first, head over to the Facebook Messenger app, and click on ‘People’ in the bottom right corner.

Step 2:

Click on ‘Create a Room’. (If you don’t get this choice, then it means that the Rooms feature is not available for you yet. Simply wait until it becomes available.)

Step 3:

Click on Edit.

Step 4:

Choose ‘Only people on Facebook’ to keep the room reduced to Facebook users only. Choosing ‘People with the link’ spreads the scope of the room beyond Facebook users. The one using the link will be able to join from any device linked to the internet and without any Facebook credentials. Also, it makes it quite easy for everyone to join in. And you can always lock the room to turn off also the users with the invite link if you want.

How to invite friends to a room in Messenger Rooms

In your Messenger Room, just swipe up to view the ‘Share Link’ choice. Click the ‘Copy Link’ choice to copy the link to your device’s clipboard also share it with loved ones over any platform or medium having e-mail, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, SMS, as easy to you.

Or, Facebook providing you some default choices too. Simply tap on the Instagram, Message, Mail, or Messenger choices to share directly from here. You can just click on More to get a list of apps on your Android from which you can share the invite link.

Once the recipient taps the invite link, simply join the room. Once they do, you will get alerts that a person has joined the room.

The whole process of creating a room and sharing is only taking a few minutes.


Here’s all about “Create A Room In Messenger Rooms”. Have you ever try to Create A Room In Messenger Rooms?  Let us know your thoughts below! For further queries and questions let us know in the comment section below!

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