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Do You Want To Add Music To Your Facebook Profile?

Add Music To Your Facebook Profile
Written by Hassan Abbas

If you are the one who wants to add music to your Facebook profile? You share your images and videos, all your activities, and memories, so why not share your beloved songs on Facebook? You can also add music to your Facebook profile to share the songs you love most and we’ll explain to you how to.

How To Add Music To Your Facebook Profile

Head over to the Facebook app on your iPhone and then follow these instructions to add music.

Step 1:

Move to your profile and move down just a bit. You’ll then view buttons for PhotosLife Events, and Music.

Step 2:

Click the Music button and you’ll then view a list of popular songs with a search option.

Step 3:

Choose or search for the song you like and click Add. Note: You can also add more than one if you want to.

Step 4:

When you have done, simply swipe to close the music window.

When someone views your profile, simply click that Music button to view the songs you’ve added. And by choosing a song, simply visit the artist’s page or include that song to their profile too.

Note: By default, songs that you added to your Facebook profile are public.

Erasing music from your Facebook profile

While there doesn’t recently appear to be a way to delete songs from your profile in the Facebook app on iPhone, you can also do it on the Facebook website.

Step 1:

Move to Facebook online, log in, and head over to your profile.

Step 2:

Under your cover image located at the top, choose More and select Music.

Step 3:

You’ll then view all of the songs you’ve included in your profile. To erase one, put your mouse pointer over it and you should view an arrow appear.

Step 4:

Tap the arrow and choose Delete Song.


Here’s all about “Add Music To Your Facebook Profile”. When you add a little pizzazz to your Facebook profile or just display your loved ones the songs you love, including music is the best way to do it.

Do you want to add your favorite song to your Facebook profile? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

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