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Do You Have a Post Holiday Syndrome? Use These Apps to Overcome it!

Holiday Syndrome
Written by Hassan Abbas

The holidays are over and it’s time to go back to the routine. Adapt the mind back to all the tasks we have to perform in our day to day is not easy. The so-called post-holiday syndrome can make an appearance at any time and this can affect your body. To help you overcome the physical and psychological disorders that can cause you, we have developed a list of applications to say goodbye to fatigue and stress.

Holiday Syndrome

Let nothing sleep

Sheep Jumping

The irregularity of the schedules with which you go to sleep on vacation can reduce the quality of sleep by returning to routine. If you notice that you have trouble resting at night, your Android device can be a good ally to say goodbye to the waking state.

There are tools such as Sleep Better with Runtastic that allow you to make an exhaustive control of your sleep hours to detect certain problems and try to improve aspects of your daily life that produce them. For example, the application will encourage us to do more sport during the day to be more exhausted at nightfall.

There are different studies that have certified that the blue light of the screens can activate us more than desired. This high exposure to electronic devices can lead to problems falling asleep. Therefore, it is very practical to install a utility such as Night mode – Blue light filter that reduces the blue light of the mobile so that it adopts a warmer tone that does not reduce sleepiness.

Weisses Rauschen
Price: Free+

And if you are more to relax through the ear, within the Android catalog we can find tools such as White Noise Generator – Relaxio or Sleepo: Relaxing Sounds with which you can play a multitude of relaxing sounds that help you to evade your mind. One of the advantages of these applications is that we can even program the time we want the sound effect to last in case we fall asleep while listening.

Do not forget any task

Task Holder

After the holidays, we have to take up the daily activity and with it, there are many tasks that we will have to deal with every day. Because of this, it is essential to have some tools on our mobile that help us collect all the tasks to not leave anything in the ink.

Writing down things on an agenda is still possible even if we leave the paper and pencil behind. A journey is an application with which you can write down all your pending tasks as an agenda. You will even find the option to include a photo album or write down the location where you made each occupation.

More minimalist in their functions, but no less productive and elegant, are two of the best task managers that we find in the Android catalog. We are talking about Microsoft To-Do and Google Tasks, two utilities with which you will not overlook any outstanding tasks. With them, you can mark the commitments to be made and those already made so as not to forget any.

Google Tasks
Price: Free

And if you need to schedule all pending tasks and appointments well in advance, Google Calendar is a perfect calendar in which to schedule any commitment so that our mobile phone reminds us when approaching. Its main advantage lies in the ability to synchronize it with the other Google applications that we have installed in the terminal.

Google Kalender
Price: Free

Do not beat the anxiety of returning to work


If you have encountered mountains of accumulated work when you arrive from the holidays and you can not avoid finishing your workday with an overdose of stress, you can always resort to various applications to calm your nerves and keep your mind calm.

Calm is a fantastic tool with which you can meditate and adopt a happier and positive mentality after each use. Its interface will allow you to enjoy dozens of relaxing landscapes accompanied by its soothing sounds.

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In the same line, we find The Meditation App. With this application, you can perform various exercises of abstraction with which to reduce the tension of our body and harmonize the mind.

And to relax in full color after an intense day of work, nothing better than an application like Colorfy that allows you to color a multitude of attractive drawings. The utility presents a gallery full of different styles and themes to give a chromatic turn from your Android device. One of the many alternatives that exist in terms of apps to color in Android.

Clear your mind with a little sport


Accompanying our routine with different sports activities is essential to make the return on vacation more bearable. Exercising at home can be a good plan if we do not have time to sign up for a gym. With applications such as Home Workout or Keep – Home Workout Trainer you can carry out your own routines to achieve visible results in the medium term.

And if you like doing outdoor sports more, Endomondo is an attractive ‘tracker’ with which you can carry out a wide-ranging follow-up of the sports activities that you carry out on the street on foot or by bicycle. The utility will show you after each session the calories burned, the kilometers traveled or the journey made within a map of the city.

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