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Disney+ 1.2.2 APK Available To All Android Devices

Disney+1.2.2 APK
Written by Hassan Abbas

Are you looking for Disney+1.2.2 APK for your android device? A good to everyone new Disney+ v1.4.0 APK is now available for download with critical error fixes. This is another update in the same month. The Disney+ streaming service first launched in November 2019 and it took the world by storm. Also, the app is only available in some countries such as the US, Canada, and the Netherlands. Also, there are 10 Million subscribers. Disney also plans for a global rollout in a phased manner slowly launching it across Latin America, Europe, and Asia over the course of 2 years. Also, install and download the latest Disney+ 1.2.1 APK on all of your mobile devices.

Disney’s Android app isn’t a typical app. Disney+ Android app comes in 3 various packages. Such as a base app, and two compatible config files. After compiling these 3 files it’ll install the Disney+ app on your mobile device. This is due to when we talk about the Android platform, there is a very large pool of devices to cover. It includes Android, smart TVs, Android boxes, tablets, etc. Not to mention devices from different manufacturers with various software, displays, DPIs, or screen resolutions. If you want to support all of it Disney+ comes via config files. Then merge these apps to install the Disney+ streaming service on your device. Don’t fret, the installation process is quite easy and simple. On the other hand, if your device is supported, then directly install it through the Play Store.

What’s More?

Disney+ just launched the latest and updated model of its app for the mobile platform. Unfortunately, there is no  update log or changelog for this latest launch. If you move to the Apple App store, then the “What’s New” section only states that the latest model. It adds updates and fixes to help deliver a better streaming experience on all devices. Also, the top issues have been resolved for an apparent streaming experience. Now if we were to guess, the major issue is the video playing no sound. In this error, there is no audio output for Android TV or boxes especially when the language chosen is English.

Well, as we mentioned above that there are over 10 Million subscriptions of Disney+ to date. Also, it’ll come to European countries such as the UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain and a various other countries on March 24. Some countries like the Nordics, Belgium, and Portugal, etc will view it later in summer. Also, Disney+ app is available for installation across different platforms and devices that are available in the market.

Download latest Disney+ 1.2.2 APK

The latest model of Disney+ 1.2.1 APK is compatible and runs on all CPU architectures. It includes armeabi-v7a, arm64-v8a, x86, x86_64, and different operating systems such as Android 10, 7.0, 6.0, 5.0, 9.0 Pie, 8.1/8.0 Oreo, and 4.4. It is highly suggested to update the app to Disney+ v1.2.1 on all Android devices such as Android, TVs, smart Boxes, and much more.

Download Method 1:

The Disney+ service for mobile comes in a standalone app. Also, it comes in 3 packages such as a base app and two more compatible config APK files. Simply merge these apps to install the Disney+ streaming services on your devices. If your device supports it, then try to install the app directly from Play Store. You will get the full package.

Download Method 2:

Well, if the Play Store says that “This app isn’t supported with your device”, then install the APK from below and merge them using an app known as Split Installer. Just install the new Disney+ 1.2.1 APK and their packages to fully install the app on your mobile device.

Latest downloads

com.disney.disneyplus_1.2.2_base.apk 11 MB | Gdrive download | Box mirror
com.disney.disneyplus_1.2.2_config.xxxhdpi.apk 1.4 MB | Gdrive download | Box mirror
com.disney.disneyplus_1.2.2_config.en.apk 120 KB | Gdrive download | Box mirror

Previous Disney+ APK v1.2.1

com.disney.disneyplus_1.2.1_base.apk 11 MB | Gdrive download | Box mirror
com.disney.disneyplus_1.2.1_config.xxxhdpi.apk 1.4 MB | Gdrive download | Box mirror
com.disney.disneyplus_1.2.1_config.en.apk 120 KB | Gdrive download | Box mirror

Note: For Google Drive links, install to PC and then move to phone storage. You don’t need to install it directly. Or use the Box mirrors.

You may also need:

Install the new Disney+ 1.2.2+ APK on any Android device

Initially, try the Play Store link. View if the Disney+ app is ok with your device on the Play Store or the streaming service is available in your region or country. If all the conditions met, then don’t fret about the method listed below.

In case, if the Disney+ streaming service isn’t available in your region or you are facing an error. Then make sure your app is incompatible with your device, then follow the steps below.

Step 1:

Download or install all the Disney+ APK files mentioned above to phone storage

Step 2:

Then install the Split Installer app given above

Step 3:

Launch the Split Installer app and all the permission it needs

Step 4:

Click on Install APKs option

Step 5:

Choose all the 3 Disney+ apps from the mobile storage in the order listed above

Step 6:

Then install Disney+

Step 7:

Launch Disney+


If the app can’t updates, then uninstall any earlier model from your mobile device. Then try to reset the app by moving to settings > apps > Disney+ > clear/wipe data and cache.

Note: For regions or countries where the Disney+ streaming service isn’t available. Then you can simply use a VPN service and modify the device location to the USA. An easy solution would be to use an app named Cloudflare’s DNS app using their Warp service. Simply attach and launch the Disney+ services from any location.


Here’s all about “Disney+1.2.2 APK”. What are your views about it? Are you facing any issue while installing it? In your region Disney+ streaming service is available or not? Share your thoughts and suggestions with us in the comment section below!

Also, for further queries and questions let us know below!

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