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Guide on How to Disable TalkBack & Fix Lockscreen Issues on Android

Written by Hassan Abbas

By and large, the visually impaired or low vision individuals get past their lives by utilizing types of gear like Braille, understanding glasses or a mobile stick. The most widely recognized issue these individuals involved with their everyday life is to recuperate over their shortcomings. We will Guide on How to Disable TalkBack & Fix Lockscreen Issues on Android Phone. Everybody today is occupied is clarifying how incredible their Android telephone is. Yet, nobody will save at some point of their life and think about those outwardly impeded individuals who face a lot of challenges in the working their little telephone screens.


There are people groups who experience serious difficulties seeing the over-burden of data that a cutting edge cell phone offers. This issue can be settled by the Android innovation which has progressed to such a degree, that even an outwardly disabled or visually impaired individual can work their telephones effortlessly. All credit goes to the component called TalkBack gave by Google.

The Android cell phone furnished with such a comical element can assist the clients with low vision to effortlessly work their telephones. There are different sorts of openness benefits that guide in exploring your Android device.TalkBack is an availability administration that encourages low vision clients to collaborate and make the most of their gadgets. This component can absolutely change their experience of utilizing the android telephone. TalkBack significantly assists dazzle with peopling hear what they are attempting to do with their cell phone. It reveals to them the thing that they have quite recently chosen or picked. It can likewise peruse messages out loud. Each development that the client makes on her or his telephone is cautiously being observed and shouted out.

Each Android telephone with Android 4.0 form and up are given this TalkBack include. Regardless of whether you have a

  • Samsung Galaxy S3
  • Galaxy S4
  • HTC One
  • Galaxy Note 2
  • Galaxy Note 3
  • Note 4
  • Galaxy Tab 2
  • Google Nexus 4
  • Nexus 7

or any fresher Android gadget, you have TalkBack.

Android OS

This is a generally excellent component particularly for those with a low vision and is found on all gadgets with Android OS Ice-cream sandwich, Jelly Bean and higher. On the off chance that you’re not visually impaired or outwardly debilitated, at that point clear this isn’t a component you’re probably going to utilize. Be that as it may, because of interest you may jump at the chance to turn it on.

Another element in TalkBack is called Explore by Touch. At the point when you actuate this component, it discloses to you what you’re squeezing before the activity is really finished. This is the element and not TalkBack which makes an individual insane. It might thoroughly mistake you for some terrible outcomes from it. As a matter of fact, TalkBack isn’t the explanation behind perplexity however Explore by Touch is. Individuals have no issues when TalkBack is empowered. Yet, when they press Explore by Touch, the genuine issue starts. The greatest issue which a large portion of the individual’s faces is moving beyond their Android lock screen.

Disable TalkBack Fix Lockscreen

The most effective method to Enable TalkBack:

To empower TalkBack on your Android telephone, pursue the accompanying way:

Menu->Settings – >Accessibility – >TalkBack

When you empower it, a popup window will show up which will request that whether empower Explore by Touch or not. An inquisitive individual won’t consider what really he/she is doing and to perceive how TalkBack functions he/she will empower the Explore by Touch without deduction about it. This is the place individuals run into issue.

Empower Explore by contact TalkBack

After you turn it on by means of the brief, you will never again be provoked again to turn it on or off. There is positively no real way to turn it off in the Accessibility settings. To turn it off you have to mood killer the TalkBack altogether. This issue is mostly seen in Samsung Galaxy gadgets and the HTC telephones.

Disable TalkBack Fix Lockscreen

On the off chance that you simply empower TalkBack and drop the Explore by Touch, you’ll just hear activities you perform. Be that as it may, in the event that on the off chance that you turn the Explore by Touch on, at that point you’ll likewise hear the portrayals of what you are squeezing. At such occasions you should twofold tap to play out any activity. The clients of Nexus gadgets in spite of the fact that don’t need to stress over this issue as in these telephones you can undoubtedly get to the settings of TalkBack where you can cripple Explore by Touch without debilitating TalkBack. Allude screen captures.

For Nexus Devices:

Disable TalkBack Fix Lockscreen

The most effective method to utilize Explore by Touch:

At the point when the Explore by Touch highlight is empowered, you’ll need to utilize a solitary swipe that enables a yellow box to move around the screen and select distinctive applications, gadgets, and settings. Each choice will be reported uproariously. On the off chance that you need to choose something, you’ll need to twofold tap it. On the off chance that you need to switch screens, you’ll have to swipe over the screen with two fingers.

Step by step instructions to Disable TalkBack:

To cripple TalkBack mode, you have to advance toward ‘Openness’ in the ‘Settings’ and switch TalkBack off.

On the off chance that your telephone has a hard menu button, at that point you can without much of a stretch enter the settings by twofold tapping on it. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you have a telephone without a hard Menu key, at that point you’ll need to explore your gadget with twofold taps and long presses.

To get to Settings from the Notification:

Stage 1:

Use Two fingers all the while (marginally isolated) and swipe down from the top to open the Notification board.

Stage 2:

Touch the Settings image once and afterward twofold tap it to open.

Stage 3:

As you enter the Settings, hold down on it until a yellow square shows up around it, at that point twofold tap anyplace on the screen to get to it.

Stage 4:

Next, look down with two fingers all the while until you see the Accessibility choice.

Disable TalkBack Fix Lockscreen

Stage 5:

Press the Accessibility once and afterward twofold tap on it to open.

Stage 6:

You’ll see the TalkBack symbol now. Again press once on TalkBack and afterward twofold tap on the symbol.

Stage 7:

You’ll see the On/Off switch on the upper right-hand corner. Again press once on it and afterward twofold tap to turn it off.

Stage 8:

A popup tab requesting whether to stop TalkBack or not will show up. Simply press once on OK and afterward twofold tap on it to totally turn it off.

Telephone Speaks out regardless of whether TalkBack Off:

This is the most-watched issue in Galaxy gadgets. Regardless of whether you have handicapped the Talkback and Explore by Touch mode, the telephone stands up when you get a call or message. In the event that you are confronting this issue, there are chances that the Driving Mode highlight of your telephone is turned on which is causing your telephone to talk when you get any notices. It might likewise stand up the time and caution set. To dispose of it, simply divert the Driving mode off from your telephones warning board.

Instructions to open your Lockscreen when TalkBalk is empowered:

Give us a chance to accept that the TalkBack is empowered. Presently as you turn the telephone on, the lock screen will guide you to twofold tap and swipe the screen to open.

In any case, twofold tapping and swiping the screen will just chip away at Nexus gadgets. For other Android Smartphones you have to adhere to these guidelines:

Utilize Two fingers and Swipe over the screen at the same time to Unlock. We can Disable TalkBack Fix Lockscreen issue

Note: Do not tap simply swipe. Additionally guarantee that the two fingers are separated, in such a case that they are excessively near one another, this won’t work.

Method to open Phone in Password mode when TalkBack is empowered:

At the point when the Talkback mode is empowered, it gets hard to open a Phone. Also, it turns out to be increasingly troublesome when the telephone is a secret word secured. On the off chance that you are experiencing such issue, at that point adhere to the directions as pursues:

So long-press the secret phrase field and afterward twofold tap it. This will show you the console. Next, long-press the letters in order, numbers or characters of your set secret phrase and when you have composed your secret word totally, long-press or twofold tap the ‘Done’ button on the console.

This will open your telephone in Password mode when TalkTalk is empowered. We can easily Disable TalkBack Fix Lockscreen on android.

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