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How to Disable Discord Overlay -User Guide

Disable Discord Overlay
Written by Kelly Houstan

Discord is basically the go-to Voice over IP platform for the gaming community. It also gives the best text and chat system in order to facilitate communication along with other online gamers via text, screenshots, voice notes, and voice calls. The overlay feature permits you to chat along with other players whenever playing a game on full-screen mode. Just read this article to know all about How to Disable Discord Overlay -User Guide. Let’s start!

But, whenever you are playing a solo game, you guys do not need the in-game overlay. It will be rather pointless and inconvenient for non-multiplayer games as well. Fortunately, Discord gives its users the option in order to enable or disable the overlay feature along with ease & convenience. This can also be done either for all games as well a few selected games.

Through this guide, you guys will learn how to disable Discord overlay for any/all individual games on Discord as well.

How to Disable Discord Overlay -User Guide

Well, for those who’re unfamiliar with this term, Discord Overlay is a really powerful tool. That turns on a particular set of tools while you are playing games. When the Discord overlay is activated, then it also permits you to chat, answer calls, join other groups, and also communicate with other members. Whenever you’re enjoying your gaming sessions. In simple parlance, Discord Overlay also offers you access to communicate along with your friends while a game is running actually.

However, sometimes, Discord Overlay gets on your nerves. Especially whenever you start getting annoyed along with a bombardment of notifications crawling up your screen. There are also a few games which you want to play in peace, without even having to communicate with others, isn’t it? Lucky enough, Discord also offers you an option where you guys can turn off Discord overlay via making a few tweaks in the settings.

The process for turning off the overlay feature on Discord is just the same for Windows OS, Mac OS, and Chromebook. You guys have two options: Disabling overlay for all the games at once or disabling it for specific games only. We shall go through each of these individually as well.

Turn off Discord Overlay for Selected Games

Here is how you guys disable Discord overlay for specific games:

  • Open Discord and navigate to User settings, as explained above.
  • Tap on the Game overlay option that is under Activity settings in the left panel.
  • Now check if the in-game overlay is enabled. If not, then Toggle on the option titled Enable in-game overlay.

Disable Discord Overlay

  • Next, just switch to the Game activity tab from the left panel.
  • You guys will be able to see all your games here. Just choose the games for which you want to turn off the game overlay.

Note: If you guys don’t see the game that you are looking for. Then tap on Add it the option in order to add that game to the games list.

  • At last, turn off the Overlay option visible next to these games.

The overlay feature will also not work for the specified games and will remain enabled for the rest as well.

How to Disable Discord Overlay for All Games

You have to follow these steps to disable Discord overlay for all games:

  • Open Discord via a desktop app installed on your PC as well as the Discord web version on your web browser.
  • Then Log in to your account and tap on the gear icon from the bottom-left corner of the screen. The User settings window will now appear.
  • You have to scroll down to Activity settings from the left panel and then tap on the Game overlay.
  • Then toggle off the option titled Enable in-game overlay.

Now launch any game while running Discord in the background and then confirm that the chat overlay actually has disappeared from the screen.

How to Turn off Discord from Steam 

Most of the gamers also use the Steam store to download and play games. Steam, too, has an overlay option. Thus, you don’t have to disable the overlay on Discord specifically. You can turn off Discord overlay for the Steam platform from within the platform.

Here is how you can disable Discord overlay on Steam:

  • Open the Steam app on your PC and then tap on the Steam tab from the top of the window.
  • Head to Steam settings.
  • A new window will then appear on your screen. Tap on the in-game tab from the left panel as well.
  • Next, you have to check the box marked Enable the Steam overlay while in-game in order to disable the overlay.
  • At last, click on OK from the bottom of the screen in order to save the new changes.

Now, the in-game overlay will also be disabled whenever you play games on Steam as well.

How to Turn off text chats without disabling Discord overlay

Discord is such a versatile platform that it even also provides you the option of disabling the text chats instead of disabling the In-game overlay completely. This is really beneficial as you wouldn’t have to spend time in order to enable or disable overlay for particular games. Rather, you guys can leave the in-game overlay enabled yet, and then you would no longer be disturbed via pinging chats.

Follow the given steps in order to disable text chats:

  • You have to open Discord and head to User settings by clicking on the gear icon.
  • Then tap on the Overlay tab under Activity settings from the panel on the left.
  • Now scroll down to the bottom of the screen and then toggle off the option titled Show text chat notifications toggle.


Well, That is all from my side. If you want to know more about this article or have any queries. Then feel free to ask me anything in the comments section below.

Have a Good Day!

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