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Diosa Force Salvation for PC
Written by Hassan Abbas


Diosa Force Salvation for PCDiosa Force Salvation for PC – full of special effects and cool animation role-playing game with PvP mode. You are invited to assemble a detachment of brave warriors with a variety of skills and abilities to defeat monsters. The latter emerged from an unknown portal and now threaten the lives of millions of innocent creatures living in the territory of the fantasy kingdom. Do not let the enemies break through the defensive ranks and show them who the real warrior is.

The game process can be divided into several stages. First, you will collect the squad before each battle, independently choosing the character class and its place on the battlefield; and, secondly, take part in the battle, in time applying the abilities and skills of each of the fighters of your squad. Do not forget that you must have a tank, a character that does most of the damage, a healer, and possibly a magician. Between the battles go to the kingdom, where you can hire new fighters, improve their performance and apply the found rare items and scrolls.


+ Dynamic battles
+ 3D graphics with a lot of special effects
+ Convenient operation
+ Huge selection of characters and abilities
+ Gradually increasing complexity
+ Battles in PvP mode

Three young adventurers from Alta Milan are teleported to the island of Skye, a house for elves and dragons. Join them on a wild adventure to meet new heroes, and save the Kingdom from destruction.

Diosa Force Salvation for PC


  • Immersive experience: More than 100 original characters, voiced by famous Japan actors, such as Kana Kanazawa, Rota Osaka, and Akihisa Wakayama.
  • Dynamic Combo: Combine the hero’s various abilities to interrupt casting and inflict huge damage.
  • Demon Boss: Collect your heroes to challenge the wildest boss himself. Hit the boss with all the players from the cross-server and get rewards.
  • Create your own team: Choose from an elf, dwarf, mermaid, hellish dog, robot and other unique characters to create your dream team. All heroes can be completely updated, and each of them has his / her own ultimate ability, which will turn the course of the battle.

Play Diosa Force Salvation for PC

To Download Diosa Force Salvation for PC. You first need to download and Install Emulator of Your Choice. Here is the List of Top 5 Emulators. or the Bluestacks 3

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Download Diosa Force Salvation APK

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