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Dinos Royale – Savage Multiplayer Battle Royale for PC/Windows/Mac – Unreleased

Dinos Royale - Savage Multiplayer Battle Royale for windows
Written by Hassan Abbas

Overview of the app:

Dinos Royale - Savage Multiplayer Battle Royale for PCDinos Royale – Savage Multiplayer Battle Royale for PC – a pixel shooter with a view from above on survival, where you will have a chance to become a rider of this dinosaur. The game is performed in the popular genre of “royal battle” and offers real players to fight for the first place on a remote island. Your goal, as always simple, you need to try to stay alive, destroying or simply surviving your opponents.

This time you do not have to jump out of the plane, just select the point on the mini-map and then start searching for weapons, ammunition, equipment and, of course, enemies. Pistols, assault rifles, shotguns, sniper rifles, and other weapons can be found on the island. If you want, you can try and find a huge dinosaur that you can control. Remember that the zone is gradually narrowing, players are forced to come together and attack each other. The winner receives gold, which is spent on opening chests with new skins.


+ Stylish design of the island
+ Nice pixel graphics
+ Convenient operation
+ Large selection of weapons, ammunition, and first-aid kits
+ Funny skins

Dinos Royale for Windows – game PvP battle royale, viewed from the top down (for example, your favorite .io games), playing in short 3-5 minute matches, which makes it ideal for mobile games on the go. Dinos Royale is characterized by the ease of controlling two handles with a simple on-screen inventory system for comparing and equipping all of your equipment.

Dinos Royale - Savage Multiplayer Battle Royale for windows

Weapons & Armory:

The weapon. Armor. The weapon. MedPAC. Find a map for the best prey and equip a crazy weapon, starting with a studded baseball bat and throwing knives into a grenade launcher. Do less damage, giving your character helmets and other armor. Heal the honey pack when the health is low.

Jump on the back of the triceratops and lower the competition. Or quickly bypass the map and attack at a speed using the Velociraptor. Or devour your ill-wishers, as a conductor-king, T-Rex. Shooting is not always the answer – sometimes you need to use your teeth.

Hide and Survive:

Do not let the storm catch up with you. Duck inside and outside buildings, hide in caves or hide behind awnings. The huge map of Dinos Royale and diverse terrain create a variety of diverse and tactical possibilities.

Play with real people from around the world online or practice and improve your skills against bots offline. Battle with a friend in DUOS or go solo in SOLOS. You decide how you want to fight, but you have to remember one thing – survive all of them



Play Dinos Royale – Savage Multiplayer Battle Royale for PC/Windows/Mac

To Download Dinos Royale – Savage Multiplayer Battle Royale for PC. You first need to download and Install Emulator of Your Choice. Here is the List of Top 5 Emulators. or the Bluestacks 3



Download Dinos Royale – Savage Multiplayer Battle Royale APK

Play Store:

Dinos Royale
Price: Free

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