Diablo III will be Released on Nintendo Switch this Year

Diablo III
Written by Hassan Abbas

We’ve already heard that Diablo III goes to the Nintendo Switch: in March of this year Blizzard Entertainment clicked the lamp, but then pretended not to understand what it was about. It seems that the company really was cunning: the new leak from Diablo III for the hybrid console was so detailed that it looks like the truth.

On the Forbes site, there was an announcement article, which was quickly removed. According to the portal, the Nintendo Switch will be released Diablo III: Eternal Collection, which includes the expansion of Reaper of Souls, the addition of Rising of the Necromancer and other content added to the patches.

Diablo III

In addition, the semi-portable prefix will be made with exclusive items in the style of The Legend of Zelda: the cosmetic armor “Legend of Ganondorf”, the frame for the portrait of “Triforce”, the hand animal in the form of chicken and the cosmetic wings “Echo Masks”. Forbes even gives screenshots of the bonus items that are worn by the barbarian and the crusader.

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Nintendo Switch will also have a cooperative that operates in several modes:

  • Up to four players on one console,
  • Up to four players on different consoles, connected to a local wireless network without a direct Internet connection,
  • A network cooperative through the Internet through Nintendo Switch Online, which starts in September.

Diablo III for Nintendo Switch also supports cloud-based storage – another novelty that is not currently available on the console and should appear along with Nintendo Switch Online.

According to Forbes, Diablo III: Eternal Collection will start until the end of 2018. The price category is 59.99 US dollars.

As assures Kotaku, the official announcement of the portable Diablo will take place today. This is the first Blizzard game on the Nintendo platform for the last 15 years.

Recall – the other day Blizzard just announced that he is preparing several projects in the Diablo universe. It looks like the port on the Nintendo Switch is one of them.

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