Despite the rumors, Intel does not refuse the 10-nm process technology

Written by Hassan Abbas

The postponement of the release of 10-nm processors spawned rumors about the termination of work on the development of process technology, but Intel denies.

Intel is struggling to show that it is doing well with the production of next-generation 10-nm desktop processors. Although in fact, the chips Cannon Lake were originally supposed to appear in 2016. Now, Intel promises to start shipping them in 2019. Referring to sources within the company, SemiAccurate claims that the chip maker refuses 10-nm process technology, allegedly due to difficulties in mastering the technology.


According to SemiAccurate, 10nm processors are not a priority for Intel. Despite this, the company hurried to refute the rumors.

“Published today in the media information that Intel stops working on the 10-nm process technology, does not correspond to reality. We have made progress in the development of 10-nm process technology. Efficiency and revenue increase in accordance with the schedule that we used in our last report, “- said in a statement to Intel.

If you refer to the report of Intel, it says that the company plans to begin mass production of 10-nm processors by the end of 2019 or by the beginning of 2020. This delay may be due to the fact that Apple is considering the possibility of replacing Intel processors with their own chips for Mac computers after 2020. And indeed, the current year turned out to be very difficult for the company: first, the vulnerability of Meltdown and Specter, then the sudden departure of Brian Krzhanich from the post of CEO.

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Recall that currently, the only 10-nm processor of the Cannon Lake family is the Core i3-8121U. It was introduced in May of this year and was released in limited edition.

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