Desktop Chrome Canary Received an Interface in the Style of Material Design 2

Chrome Canary
Written by Hassan Abbas

Now a new interface with optimization for touch screens is displayed in the experimental version of the browser by default.

Most Google services and mobile applications have already undergone a design change in accordance with the new Material Design 2 concept. Now the search giant intends to focus its efforts on the Chrome browser, which already has a lot of changes.

Chrome Canary

Chrome Canary

Since its release, Google Chrome has not received any major updates to the interface. Three months ago, the company announced the transition to Material Design 2 for the 10th anniversary of the browser, which is scheduled for September this year, and all this time-tested a new design in the experimental versions of the program. Only if earlier Material Design 2 could be activated in the hidden settings of the browser, but now the updated interface is displayed by default in Chrome Canary for Windows, Linux, and Chrome OS.

Chrome Canary Round Edges

Chrome Canary Round Edges

There are several changes compared to the original version of the new interface. First, open tabs are no longer allocated with rectangles with rounded edges and are separated by thin strips, and only the active tab is framed in the same form. In this case, in Windows 10, the tabbed panel uses Fluent Design. Secondly, the distance between the buttons and other elements has slightly increased. Perhaps this is done to optimize the touch control of the browser, especially since the mode for tablets and laptops with touchscreens is also added as an experimental function in the chrome: // flags.

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The fact that Material Design 2 is installed in Chrome Canary by default means that the changes will soon affect other versions of the browser, including stable ones. It is worth noting that initially, Google tested a completely different version of the Material-Interface for Chrome, but apparently, the final choice fell on this concept.

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