Dell introduces a laptop with up to 128 GB of RAM

Written by Hassan Abbas

dell_precision_7730Work at maximum speed from anywhere, that’s what Dell puts on the table with your new computer. It is a laptop, the Dell Precision 7730, specifically the laptop with more RAM in history. As confirmed by the brand itself, it will support up to 128 GB of RAM divided into four 32 GB modules.

It’s a leap forward in terms of the portable workstation. Normally PC to edit video are desktop and have more powerful specifications, but in this case, the American brand has thrown the house out the window with a laptop, something unprecedented to date.

Besides the compatibility with up to 128 GB of RAM, among the features of the Dell Precision 7730 is the Intel Core i7 Coffee Lake of Eighth Generation and a 4K screen, everything that can be ordered today from a computer, although its Price also reflects these luxuries.

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The price of the Dell Precision 7730 goes up to $1,509 in the United States, although it must be clarified that it does not include the four modules of 32 GB each as standard, so companies or users that buy it will have to buy them separately.

The target audience is professionals or companies with video editing and multimedia content that need to move geographically maintaining the capacity to work with heavy files. It is the sense of taking out a laptop with as much RAM as this one from Dell, whose autonomy will surely be quite small.

Dell is not a brand particularly known for exploiting the European market, as they do others. Without going any further, their XPS is the most sold laptops in the United States, although on this side of the Atlantic its presence is merely testimonial.

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