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How to Delete Game Pigeon on iOS – Tutorial

Delete Game Pigeon
Written by Kelly Houstan

Your iPhone may currently host a bunch of mini-games, apps, and many other interactive tools thanks to iMessage apps. That was released after the iOS 10 update as well. GamePigeon is one such iMessage app that folks used to interact with along with many others on Messages. And if you are someone who also uses iMessage a lot. Then chances are that you guys might have installed the GamePigeon at some point or the other. Just read this article to know all about How to Delete Game Pigeon on iOS. Let’s begin!

In this post, we’ll also help you to figure out how you guys can hide. And also completely delete the GamePigeon app on your iPhone in case you guys no longer want to use it inside the Messages app.

What is the Game Pigeon app? | Delete Game Pigeon

GamePigeon is an iOS app that also lets you play multiple mini-games along with others via the Messages app on iPhones. The app was developed in 2016 after the iOS 10 update that allowed support for more apps to be accessed from within the Messages app. As a result, you guys can download apps specifically for iMessage from the App Store. That’s can build right into the Messages app.

GamePigeon comes along with a slew of mini-games that you guys can play along with anyone that you’re conversing along with on Messages. These basically include 8 Ball, Archery, Basketball, Checkers, Chess, Cup Pong, Darts, Dots & Boxes, Mini Golf, Paintball, Shuffleboard, Word Hunt, and much more than that.

How can you Remove GamePigeon from the Apps section on Messages

If you’re done playing games through GamePigeon on the Messages app and you guys want to stop yourself from getting distracted along with it for a short period. Then you can just hide the app from within the apps section on Messages as well. This way, you guys don’t have to install it the next time you need to play games. Along with your friends and family.

You guys can simply hide GamePigeon and avoid it from appearing on the Messages app via removing the app from the Apps section inside Messages. In order to do this, open the Messages app on your iPhone and head over any conversation (it doesn’t even matter which thread you choose as the removing process has to do. Along with the Apps section that actually appears below the text box on all of your conversations).

Whenever you guys open a conversation, you will notice a stream of apps being laid out in a row below the text box at the bottom of the screen. These are all the apps that are also available to you from within the Messages app, one of which will be the GamePigeon app. Slide the Apps row to the left until you guys reach the More button (the one along with the 3-dots icon) on the extreme right.

Slide the Apps row to the left until you guys reach the More button (the one along with the 3-dots icon) on the extreme right. On the next screen, you will be able to see the GamePigeon app listed under ‘More apps’, and if not under ‘Favorites’. In order to hide the app from showing inside Messages, just click on the ‘Edit’ option at the top left corner. You guys can now turn off GamePigeon from appearing inside Messages via switching the ‘GamePigeon’ toggle to the OFF position.

This will basically hide GamePigeon from the Messages app and you guys will no longer be able to see it. When interacting along with someone. You can also hide any app from Messages via the same steps as mentioned above.

How to Uninstall GamePigeon from Messages

If you want to get rid of GamePigeon once and for all, you can uninstall the app from Messages. To do that, launch Messages and open a conversation with anyone.

  • Just slide left on the apps row that’s available under the text box.
  • At the end of this row, you have to tap on the ‘More’ button on the right.
  • Whenever the next screen appears, You have to locate the GamePigeon app from the list of apps available for you.
  • Now ‘Delete’ option

GamePigeon will be deleted from your iPhone the moment you guys swipe it to the left. Just the same as this method. You guys can also uninstall other apps from the Messages app through following the steps listed here.

How can you Reinstall Game Pigeon on your iOS?

Like you guys would install any other app on iOS, then you can reinstall the GamePigeon app from the App Store. However, for ease of access, we will be reinstalling the app straight from the Messages app itself.

  • In order to do that, open the Messages app and head over to a conversation along with any contact.
  • From the apps row at the bottom (the one below the text box), just tap on the App Store icon
  • This will basically open up the App Store for iMessage.
  • You can also install the GamePigeon app via scrolling down to the Top Free section. (The app is generally listed at the top of this section). And then clicking on the Download icon (the one along with the down arrow pointing away from a cloud). If this is the first time installing the GamePigeon app. Then you will have to click on the ‘Get’ option rather.
  • Just like that, you can use the search functionality within the App Store and then click on the Download icon. In order to reinstall the app on your iPhone.


Well, That is all from my side. If you want to know more about this “Delete Game Pigeon” article or have any queries. Then feel free to ask me anything in the comments section below.

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