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What is Deep TikTok and What Does it Mean?

Deep TikTok
Written by Kelly Houstan

DeepTok, also known as Deep TikTok, is actually a subgenre of Alt/Elite TikTok, that is known for its bizarre, quirky, and weird videos as well. Just read this article to know all about What is Deep TikTok and What Does it Mean? Let’s begin!

Alt/Elite TikTok is actually the opposite of Straight TikTok and hones in on weird, unsettling, and strange videos. It is a departure from the traditional lip-syncing and choreographed routines on the app as well. Alt/Elite TikTokers pride themselves on being the “cool” side of TikTok and also enjoy sharing videos. That are really weird and unsettling in nature. DeepTok takes this further, honing in on darker and more intense themes, such as fly killings using a syringe, dancing frogs, and talking retail stores as well.

Typically Deep TikTok videos are distorted in some fashion, that are featuring monochromatic visuals or deep-fried graphics. Essentially, DeepTok is basically a look into the core of Gen Z’s humor, explained writer Kristin Merrilees on Medium. Well, “In a way, the creation and also development of DeepTok sort of sums up the essence of Gen Z humor. It is purposefully meant to be lighthearted and also surreal, mostly random and ‘quirky,’ and yet still nuanced and complex. Indeed, it is incredibly creative actually. It’s sort of like deep-fried memes if they actually came to life” as well.

Deep TikTok

TikTok is, without a doubt, the most famous video-sharing social networking site on the planet. Boasting a young demographic, TikTok is actually home to some fun and most of the time bizarre trends — trends that help in order to keep the platform thriving. From attractive TikTokers doing dance routines to “weirdos” cracking brilliant jokes — TikTok’s content swings uncontrollably between fun and cringe-worthy as well.

Thanks to its diverse fanbase, different fractions fight regularly in order to return TikTok to its “Glory Days.” The biggest battle, but, is between Straight and Elite TikTokers, and also there’s no end in sight. For those unaware, Straights are the famous kids on TikTok, who have risen to fame via their attractive physical attributes. The Elites, on the other hand, are actually independent “comedians” who would rather be anonymous than sell their art to be famous.

Amid the raging conflict, another group also has come to the fore. Calling themselves actually Deep TikTokers. The group is aiming to take the TikTokers via storm, change the platform for the better as well. Today, we’ll help you get acquainted along with the self-proclaimed saviors of TikTok, that is telling you their distinguishable traits.

What does ‘Deep TikTok’ or ‘DeepTok’ mean?

Now that you are familiar along with the two main philosophies of TikTok — neither is officially acknowledged, via the way that let’s dissect the new breed as well.

Calling themselves Deep TikTokers, and also these users are essentially a sub-division of Alt or Elite TikTokers. They have a very particular brand of humor, that is covering only a handful of topics. Such as “Frog,” “Beanz,” “Elmo,” “Dolls,” Hannah Montana star “Jason Earles,” “DeepFried,” “Four in her,” “Department Stores,” and “Leshawna Ball.” Now, if you’re a casual TikToker, then you probably won’t be comfortable in indulging in the topics we just mentioned, and also we don’t blame you either. None of these topics make sense on the surface, however, DeepTokers claim all of them have subtle messages as well.

How did Deep TikTok come into being?

From Departmental Stores interacting along with one another like beings of flesh and blood to Deep-fried memes — memes. That have their visual properties also blown out of proportion as well. That basically ends up distorting the images — coming to life, DeepTok is basically an amalgamation of all the different categories as well.

Fandoms such as Bean TikTok and Retail TikTok — where the users pretend to be departmental stores and interact along with one another. They have their own separate fanbases, however, they all fall under Deep TikTok or DeepTok.

The trend of Alt TikTok only started to gain traction in late April actually. By May, the fraction actually had formed and taken the battle to Straight TikTokers. Meanwhile, a smaller sub-section of Alt TikTokers actually went deeper than originally intended and also kicked off the different categories that we also mentioned in the previous section.

Difference between Straight TikTok and DeepTok?

The two cliques — Straight TikTokers and Deep TikTokers as well that have contrasting ideologies. However, Straights love the attention of millions and are happy to produce light, fun-filled content as well. DeepTokers engage in underground comedy and also the most obscure trends. If you happen to be a casual user, then you’d easily have more fun in the “vanilla” world of Straight TikTokers as well. Deep TikTok, for the time being, should stay reserved for the hardcore as well.

Difference between Elite TikTok and DeepTok?

Deep TikTok, via nature, is actually a branch of Alternative or Elite TikTok. However, Alt TikTok highlights the independent nature of diverse categories. DeepTok sticks along with a handful of ultra-original, niche topics. If you guys consider Alt TikTok to be a classroom full of weirdos, then DeepTokers would be the backbenchers, indulging in topics that don’t really make sense to most.


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