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The Dare TV website is now offering free movies and TV shows to its users for the past many years actually. This service is served through this website for free to all users. Because of this free service, this website has the perfect number of website traffic, and most of the users from all around the globe use this website whenever they are in a mood to stream online movies and TV shows for free of cost. Just read this article to know about Dare TV Best Alternatives You can Use.

The presence of a huge database of this website makes it capable of saving a huge number of movies and TV shows data. All the latest TV shows and Web series are added on this website before many other sites. Further, the latest episodes are also added on this website whenever they release on the channel as well. Also, you guys can stream online TV serials online live on this website as well. This website is having a tie with more than 50 active TV channels. The only thing you have to do is that register on this website via your Email ID and password. After registering on this website, you guys can start the seamless joy of watching and streaming online TV shows and movies for free of cost.


However, from the past few days, the speed of this website is been slow down probably because of site maintenance and to fix other small issues as well. That’s why it may be possible that you will not be able to stream online videos and also movies on this website for another 2 or 3 weeks or maybe even more than that. So, to continue the seamless experience of streaming online movies and also TV shows. You have to switch to another website that offers the same features and online videos for free of cost. We will now list the top 10 websites which we had observed and analyzed. You guys can also consider these websites and can also use them in the place of The Dare TV:

Dare TV Best Alternatives You can Use



  • beautiful user interface
  • with the latest collection of videos and movies as well.
  • Absolutely free streaming


  • It only supports content streaming, not content downloading

Putlocker is one of the most popular streaming platforms of all time. It basically comes with thousands of TV shows and cinemas that you can watch right away. Putlocker is very famous among folks who regularly watch tons of content like this.

The main navigation menu on top of the website makes it pretty easy for you to find and explore new content. If you guys want to specifically find a show. Or movie then you can use the search bar and do it. One thing that I liked a lot is the fact that Putlocker gets regularly updated along with the latest content. So you guys will find your favorite shows or films for sure as well.

Visit Putlocker



  • fast streaming
  • variety of content for free of cost


  • ads can be a pain

FMovies Alternative

Fmovies is yet another site such as Dare TV with an amazing collection of movies and shows. Whenever you visit the website for the first time, you guys will definitely like the way in which each and everything is arranged and designed. Just like Putlocker and 123Movies, you guys will find regularly updated content.

For each movie or TV show, you will find multiple servers from which you guys can stream the content for free. You also have the option to choose the server with maximum resolution as well. Categories such as ‘TOP IMDB’ make it easier for you in order to explore and find new content easily.

Visit Fmovies



  • no need to sign up
  • beautifully categorized according to genres


  • you have to ignore a couple of ads

This is another really good platform for the latest movies and TV show episodes.123Movies has had a fair share of ups and downs in the recent past actually. Those who are conversant along with this website can attest to the fact that sometime back it was actually on the verge of closing down actually.

Having made peace along with the regulators, this streaming platform is up again, this time with even more variety. Like is the case with most leading movie streaming platforms, 123Movies has a really intuitive and attractive user interface.

The contents are nicely categorized into different categories relying on the genres present. For a more exciting and entertaining watching experience, and this platform has scrapers and API.

Visit 123Movies

Sony Crackle


  • best video quality
  • latest content
  • amazing filters


  • ads as in other absolutely free streaming websites

Dare TV

Sony is one of the biggest names in the movie industry whenever it comes to movie studios. Sony is also known for some of the most famous movies and TV shows out there. And the Sony Crackle permits you to watch all these movies and TV shows absolutely free. Not only that but as this website is developed via Sony, the entire streaming experience is really good. This is possible because of all of the useful features and options this website offers to the user.

Unfortunately, this website is only available in the USA that basically means that users from other regions cannot access it directly. Rather, you will have to use a US-based VPN service in order to use this website. However, once you have done that, you guys will then have a great time watching movies and TV shows on this website. All of the movies uploaded on this website are available in high quality as well. You can easily stream in more than 4K UHD resolution through this website. And you can get all of these even on your mobile devices via the Sony Crackle mobile app.

Visit Sony Crackle



  • hassle-free access
  • indexing of many other streaming sites
  • smart search tab


  • trouble in buffering, especially during weekends

Vmovee is also one of the best alternatives to DareTV for many reasons. This website permits its users to watch movies and TV shows completely free of cost. However, there are no ads on this website, you guys do have to sign up before you can even start using it. Thankfully, the entire sign-up process is really easy to complete and does not take time. And when you do that, you can then start to enjoy all of your favorite movies and TV shows in high quality.

The user interface of this website is also really simple and clean. It offers a really straightforward design to the user That basically offers all of the navigation features right on the home page. You will find a search bar on this website that you can use to find any movie and TV shows available on this website. Not only that but when you have found those, you can start watching them in more than 4K UHD. Due to this, Vmovee is perfect to watch movies on high-end TVs as well.

Visit Vmovee

Series online

Enjoy watching movies and TV show episodes on a platform that also has a really wide collection of the latest hits. All classified into distinct categories as well. Some of the genres available here include action, crime, comedy, etc. Series online has a really large database of Movies and TV shows and the contents therein you can steam online or downloaded.

This Dare TV alternative is updated routinely as well. You can therefore make sure to find your favorite TV shows or movies on this platform. It has a really attractive and user-friendly interface that actually makes access and navigability a breeze.

The Homepage also has a search tab and a number of other content filter tools. And because it is a free platform, you guys can sign up, create an account and be ready to start streaming or downloading your favorite movies or TV shows as well.

Visit Series online



  • colorful interface
  • variety of languages
  • latest content.


  • ads like many other streaming sites

This is a really awesome site that comes with a huge collection of the TV show episodes and Movies. The homepage is well arranged and colorful. It basically features a couple of filter tools and also a search tab for simplified access to your favorite movies and TV shows as well.

Like most Dare TV alternatives, on CmoviesHD you are needed to sign up and create your free account. Thus, you will be able to access a rich category of the latest movies and TV shows on a platform that basically supports high-quality videos; 720p, 1080p, 4K UHD, and much more than that.

One more thing, that contents on this platform are also available in different languages. That is to say that you can be sure in order to navigate and access your favorites in the language you are most comfortable with as well.

Visit Cmovies

Project free TV


  • A really wide variety of tv shows.
  • colorful interface


  • freemium model
  • no movies, only tv-shows
  • no categorization and filters as well

Project Free TV can actually be a really great alternative to DareTV for those who love to watch live TV for free of cost. This website also permits its users in order to watch movies, TV shows, documentaries, and as told earlier, live TV. You guys can watch all of this for absolutely free via your internet connection on the Project Free TV website. Not only that but because of the highly reliable servers of this website, it works perfectly even on slower internet connections as well. As a result, it is perfect to watch live TV on the go via your mobile data connection.

Apart from this, the Project Free TV website does not even have any region restrictions when watching a movie. This is possible because of the multiple stream links offered for every movie available on this website. Due to this, if one of the links is not available for you, then you can simply use a different one. And when you start to watch a movie using this website, then you will have a great experience. It permits its user to watch live TV as well as stream movies and TV shows in high definition as well.

Visit Project free TV



  • high-quality videos
  • latest updates


  • sometimes confusing since it changes its domain names

VidSturm is one of the oldest and most famous video streaming websites available on the internet. This website offers many useful features and options to the user. As a result, it is a really great alternative to DareTV. You can easily use this website to watch all of your movies and TV shows for absolutely free. And the best part about this website is that it does not even show any ads to the user actually. Because of this, you will have a distraction-free experience when using the VidSturm website.

Another really great thing about this website is its user interface. It also makes the website look quite modern and sleek in terms of its design and layout. Not only that, however, you will also find many navigation and browsing options on this website. These can also help you to find all of your favorite movies and TV shows pretty easily. As a result, you can save a lot of time when browsing via this website for movies and TV shows. It is further complemented through well-managed categories and genres of movies on this website.

Visit Vidsturm



  • High-quality content
  • Most movies come along with subtitles
  • Well-organized categories


  • Frequent changes with its domain name

If you guys love watching English movies, then you will have a great time exploring this site. It offers a huge collection of movies available in high-quality content. On top of that, it is a completely legal site as well. Thus, it is a very safe platform without even promoting any malicious files. Besides, it won’t redirect you to any other pages that come among its premium features.

Visit Losmovies


Well, That all from my side. If you want to know more about this article or have any queries. Then feel free to ask me anything in the comments section below.

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