Custom DNS from Cloudflare is available on Android and iOS Faster & Safer Internet
Written by Hassan Abbas

It will allow you to bypass local locks and hide your activity, as well as slightly speed up your internet connection.

The well-known “cloud” company Cloudflare has released a mobile version of the application for Android and iOS. The program allows you to bypass the blocking and slightly speed up the Internet using a custom DNS server. Faster & Safer Internet

The name of the application – – this is the address of the Cloudflare company’s DNS server. Recall that DNS is just a domain name storage service that connects regular IP addresses with site names. The developers claim that the custom domain name resolution service is able to speed up the Internet, but it strongly depends on the specific operator and country of the user. Mobile version works as a VPN, that is, it creates a secure connection to your DNS, which allows you to partially hide your Internet activity from the provider, as well as bypass local blocking of Internet resources.

Acceleration of the Internet can be noticeable only in terms of the initial loading of web pages – downloading and sending files is unlikely to become much faster. The first application to use the custom DNS from Cloudflare was launched in the spring of 2018 on computers. Now it can be downloaded on Android and iOS – on Google Play and the App Store, respectively.

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