CS:GO MP5 Weapon Arrived with New Update

Written by Hassan Abbas

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, played by millions of players all over the world, received a new weapon and made the faces of the players laugh.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is one of the most played FPS games of our time. In our country, which is also a very popular location with the latest update of the players announced the MP5 weapon. Valve continues to offer players new weapons, map changes on the map provides a more realistic structure.



Valve published the video on the map of de_Train MP5 weapon in the short or even showed to the players. The damage rate of MP5, whether close or remote, is more effective yet unknown. Counter Strike’s old version of the weapon, known as the old friend, was out of control. The weapons that will return to the game after several years will begin to be examined today by players. With the new weapon design that will give the game a different air, it will win the liking of the players. The MP5, which has a very simple design, will not affect the movement speed of the players.

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