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Crown Tundra: How to Install and Access It

Written by Hassan Abbas


Crown Tundra

Crown Tundra is just released by Nintendo’s. Nintendo has also released the expansion DLC packs. The expansion allows accessing a new location. That game provides you the opportunity to catch some new and rare Pokemons. Each pack is different from each other version in the game.  You just have to purchase the right DLC pack. If you purchase the wrong DLC pack then that’s a big blunder for the game.  If users made any mistake Nintendo confirms that it will not refund. Let’s have a look at expansion packs.

Available expansion packs?

There are two different DLC expansion packs available.  Both these expansions allow you the downloadable content of  Isle of Armor. They also allow the  Crown  Tundra downloadable content. Both of them are different from each other. Make sure that you purchase the correct expansion pass. And also make sure that you choose the right version for the particular game.

To get Crown Tundra:

In The Crown Tundra, you will need to purchase the more expansion  DLC pack for your game. Each of the expansion prices is $29.9. But it is not much expensive in the online Nintendo’s shop. Here are some tips that how you can purchase the correct expansion.

  • First of all power on your Nintendo from the switch. After that launch the eShop of the Nintendo. This will be launched from the bottom of the screen.

Crown Tundra

  • Purchase your version of Pokemon anyone you want to.

Crown Tundra

  • After that select the Search button available at the left sidebar on your screen.

  • Now search for your favourite  Pokemon which you desired to use.

  • You will see some customization steps on the screen. In the Product Type option available in the left sidebar. Select the download center option.

Crown Tundra

  • There are some  Expansion passes available for Pokemon on the screen. Select any one of them according to your version of the game.

Crown Tundra

  • After selecting your desired version. Now click on  Proceed to Purchase option available on the right side of your screen.

Crown Tundra


  • Now select the payment method of your own choice.  There is another option Nintendo eShop points that reduce the final cost of your expansion pack.

Crown Tundra

You will be awarded 150 additional Nintendo eShop points on purchasing. After that, you will be taken to the Thank you screen. To confirm your purchase press A.  After that expansion pass should start downloading automatically. In the bottom left corner of your screen, you will be able to track this.

To Access the Crown Tundra:

After you purchased and installed the correct expansion pass for your version. Here are some guidelines below to access Crown Tundra.

  •  First of all, update, the game is to its latest version. Then launch the Pokemon game on your Switch. Now select the game and then press the + button. And the other game options displayed on the screen.

Crown Tundra

  • Now click on this  Software Update option and select it. The option is available on the left sidebar.

Crown Tundra

  • Select the option via the internet.

  • After launching the game move to the nearest train station in your area. When you are at the train station move to the attendant near the gate and talk to them rather than selecting a location.

  • The attendant also signifies that you owned  Crown Tundra. Now you get the options different options on the screen. You can either go to the Armor station or the Crown Tundra Station.  You have to select Crown Tundra station.


Crown tundra is a good game in which we get the rare Pokemon. Now you will see that your character travel animation.  The train is on the way to the Crown Tundra. When train reaches its destination, your character will be travel to the new area. Now you can find a new rare pokemon.

Hope you liked this article. what do you think about this game? let us know in the comment section.  If you have any query feel free to ask in the comment section below.

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