Creators of VLC Added Huawei to their Black List

Written by Hassan Abbas

Owners of new smartphones of the Chinese brand can no longer play content in the background. With this decision to fight.

Manufacturers of smartphones are constantly looking for ways to increase the duration of battery life of their devices. Someone just puts a larger battery, but the company Huawei decided to go its own way. The brand device began to forcefully close applications in the background. New smartphones manufacturers “kill” almost all the games and programs, if you have not used them for a while. This method of saving the battery hit the VLC player hard, which can reproduce the sound even in the background. The new rules Huawei caused a wave of indignation among users who are now forced to constantly keep the application open.



The non-commercial organization VideoLAN, which develops VLC, said on Twitter that Huawei smartphones are now added to its blacklist of the Google Play store. Employees of the company were forced to block this brand for their product, as the playback of content in the background ceased to work – the program was simply closed, without user participation. This decision was made to the creators of the most popular player in the world due to the huge number of complaints and the fall of the VLC rating in the Google app store
In the company VideoLAN reported that the list of prohibited devices for their applications were not all smartphones of the Chinese manufacturer. The developers did not specify an exact list of models, but reported that all new devices will be accurately blocked.

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However, if you are a big fan of VLC player, then there is nothing terrible in blocking Huawei smartphones. You can at any time go to our site and download the latest version of the product, or download the content from the official site. The only drawback of this method is that automatic updates will not come. If there is a new function or added support for the next format, then you will need to manually remove and install the new version.

Huawei employees have not commented on the situation. Probably, in the near future, most developers will also follow in the footsteps of VLC. To receive a ton of negative reviews and actively lose ratings on Google Play, no one will want to. The smartphone manufacturer will have to update its battery-saving system as soon as possible.


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