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Guide on How to Create your Own WhatsApp Stickers

Written by Hassan Abbas

Create your own WhatsApp Stickers of your own on Android telephones. This simple guide discloses how to

  • make
  • plan
  • use
  • send

most recent stickers for visiting on WhatsApp informing application. When WhatsApp was propelled in 2009. It was a basic content to content informing application. Be that as it may, as days passed by,

  • it turned out to be a lot of creative
  • easy to understand
  • totally fun application.

Because of which it before long picked up interest among Indians. With more than 70 million dynamic clients. Which are about then percent of all-out overall clients.x India has risen as the biggest market for WhatsApp.

Make your Own Whatsapp Stickers on Android

Engineers of this Facebook-owned application continue introducing new highlights just by making the stage drawing in and fun. One of such late update is the new WhatsApp Stickers. This is the much-anticipated component that will assist clients with showing themselves in a superior way. We can’t state this is an imaginative component. In light of the fact that WhatsApp rivals like

  • Hike delegate
  • Telegram
  • WeChat
  • Snapchat

as of now have this element since years. Be that as it may since WhatsApp is considered as the top number informing application. The main thing it was missing was stickers. Aside from

  • pictures
  • emoticons
  • GIFs

clients would now be able to appreciate sharing new stickers on their telephones. This element is moved all around and now clients crosswise over Android and iOS will have the option to send them to their contacts. In India, WhatsApp stickers began turning out in front of Diwali which gave clients another approach to wish their loved ones with a bubbly sticker.

12 stickers

At this moment just a pack of 12 stickers is turned out. These are

  • Cuppy
  • Salty
  • Komo
  • Bibimbap Friends
  • Unchi and Rollie
  • Shiba Inu
  • The Maladroits
  • Koko, Hatch
  • Fearless
  • Fabulous
  • Banana
  • Biscuit

Emoticons and GIFs

Today we live in such an existence where we once in a while have the opportunity to type an instant message. We generally depend on emoticons and GIFs for easygoing talks with companions. Obviously calling is consistently the last choice however a significant piece of our discussion is loaded up with these emoticons and GIFs. Presently notwithstanding these, we have these WhatsApp stickers. During celebrations like Diwali, Christmas, New year or events like birthday, commemoration, we run over many sent messages. Answering to these messages become an intense activity. At such occasions, Stickers can act the hero.

Create your Own WhatsApp Stickers n


On the off chance that your WhatsApp isn’t refreshed and somebody sends you a sticker, you’ll get a message saying, “You got a message yet your variant of WhatsApp doesn’t bolster it. Update WhatsApp”.

So what you have to do is simply go to Google Play Store and update your WhatsApp. The stickers are accessible from WhatsApp adaptation 2.18.329 or more. The best piece of these stickers is that WhatsApp gives the option to interface with outsider applications. As a result of which you can make your very own modified stickers. Truly you heard it right. Isn’t it cool! Custom stickers will make correspondence increasingly fun and locks in.

Steps to make WhatsApp Stickers of your own:

Stage 1:

To start with, all you need is a picture you need to send as a WhatsApp sticker. Possibly you can take a fast selfie or simply Google any image you need.

Note: The picture should just be in.PNG design. Likewise, guarantee that the foundation of that picture is less jumbled.

Stage 2:

Now to dismiss foundation from pictures, download this Background Eraser application from Google Play Store.

Stage 3:

Launch the application and snap-on Load a photograph alternative.

Create your Own WhatsApp Stickers n

Stage 4:

Then snap on Allow choice for the application to get to

  • photographs
  • media
  • documents

on your gadget.

Create your Own WhatsApp Stickers n

Stage 5:

Select any picture for which you need to evacuate the base. Here I’ll choose the Selfie.png record.

The chose image will open out of sight eraser application.

Stage 6:

Just cut it according to your needs. At that point click on Done.

The following screen will show you the eraser types:

  • extricate
  • auto
  • enchantment
  • manual
  • fix.

Stage 7:

Click on the Magic choice.

Stage 8:

Now drag the cursor around to erase foundation from the picture.

Stage 9:

For all the more enumerating, you can utilize the Zoom choice.

Stage 10:

After totally erasing the bottom, click on Done.

Stage 11:

On the following screen, you can set a Smooth Edge to the picture.

Stage 12:

After totally happy with the last picture, click on Save choice.

Stage 13:

Click on Finish to close the application.

Stage 14:

Similarly, erase the foundation from different pictures.

So those three photographs subsequent to utilizing foundation eraser application will become as demonstrated as follows:

These pictures will be spared in an organizer named Eraser.

Make your Own Whatsapp Stickers on Android

Stage 15:

Next, download the Personal Stickers for Whatsapp from Google Play Store.

Stage 16:

Launch the application and snap-on Allow a choice for the application to get to photographs, media, and records on your gadget.

The application will give all of you the photographs present on your Android phone.

Stage 17:

Just search for the Eraser organizer and snap-on Add option alongside it.

This will send these pictures to Whatsapp informing application.

Create Own WhatsApp Stickers

Stage 18:

A popup will seem to add Eraser to WhatsApp. Snap-on Add choice.

A message saying Eraser has been added to WhatsApp will affirm that the pictures are effectively added to WhatsApp.

Create Own WhatsApp Stickers

Stage 19:

Your Stickers are presently available to use on WhatsApp.

So open any WhatsApp contact and snap the Emoji present on the left down corner.

Create Own WhatsApp Stickers

Stage 20:

Beside emoticon and GIFs, you’ll locate a third new choice. Snap-on it.

Stage 21: This is the WhatsApp stickers board. Snap-on the third choice where your custom stickers are put away.

This will show you the stickers that we just made.

Stage 22:

You can tap on them to send as regular messages.

Best of all, the recipient can even spare these images for sending it further.


That is it, folks! This was a basic method to add your very own Stickers to Whatsapp. On the off chance that you have any inquiries identified with this guide, at that point do remark underneath.

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