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Couchpotato: Ways To Use Couchpotato to Download Movies

Written by Lara John


The Couchpotato is also one of the best software that will allow you to “Download movies automatically. So, that you can easily and in the best quality as soon as they are available”. In case, if you love downloading and watching movies. Also, you guys know that how tedious the process of finding and also downloading them can be. A Couchpotato can also attempt to address this and also reduce the effort that requires just by making much of the process automatic.

Today we will show you first that what Couchpotato is all about and then talk about what is needed to use it successfully. In case, if you know what Couchpotato is, then we will guide you through its installation and also initial configuration. Having a lot of work is required to make it work correctly. These are our easy-to-follow instructions that you should make it an easy task. Then after that, we have to install and also configure this we will also show you how to use Couchpotato to find what you are looking for.

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Recommendation: A Best Usenet Experience – Newshosting

You have to get started with Usenet. Now, the first thing that you will also need. This is also a reliable Usenet service provider. Now, with so many suppliers to choose from. Also, this can be a daunting task. So, We will review many of them that are for you. Also, you have to find the best one. After that, the one that we recommend is called Newshosting.

A Newshosting that will offer 256-bit SSL encryption to protect your privacy. Having a built-in, full-featured newsreader so you don’t need any extra software. This is one of the longest file retentions of any of the Usenet providers. Then you can also find more content and having many more excellent features.

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Explain Couchpotato In Detail?

In short, having a Couchpotato that is a PVR (Personal Video Recorder) that is for the Usenet and also torrents. So, After that, you will also tell that what if you are interested in. This will also search daily through multiple NZB indexers and torrent sites, looking for a match. Then if you find this what you have been looking for. So, this will automatically download it by using your favorite software. After that, the software is available for both MacOS and Windows. So, this is also available as source code that you can also compile on Linux systems.

A Usenet or Torrents? Which One to Choose In Couchpotato?

A Couchpotato can also use either or both Usenet or torrents and then download the files if it finds. Now, This will also raise the following question: Which one of these should be used? Also, Well, if the debate between Usenet and torrents is an ongoing and also neverending one. Then Proponents of each will also defend “their” system tooth and nail. In the end, if they are actually quite similar although Usenet is usually faster in terms of speed of download. Now, for that reason, it is the option that we prefer.

Also, a Couchpotato will support both, and there is actually no reason not to use them both. Using this article we will also assume this and this is what you want to do and we will also cover both options when we get to configuring and using the software.

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Things Needed to Use Couchpotato:

So, As we have said, Couchpotato also uses Usenet and torrents to download movies to your computer. This does not do it directly. Now, You will also need a Usenet subscription and also a newsreader, and/or a torrent client. A Couchpotato also works well with some of the different and most likely all of them. So, we have chosen to use Newshosting as our Usenet provider, SABnzbd as our newsreader, and µTorrent as our torrent software. Now, Your will also experience this with Couchpotato that will be the same. This does not matter which software that you use but the configuration steps will, of course, be different.


So, Both SABnzbd and µTorrent will also download this from their respective websites. Also, Both of them are available for free and also for installation. This is also as easy as there is any other popular software. In case, if you don’t already have them. Then go ahead and can also download and also install them. So, You will also need them if you want to follow our Couchpotato instructions.

This is Upon starting SABnzbd, and you will also need to select your language and then enter your Usenet server credential. Then After clicking Next, you will also have the option to change the default location for downloads. In case, if you want to keep them, then just click on Go to SABnzbd. So, This is all about it! A SABnzbd is ready to use.

So, this is for µTorrent, you can also just run the installer, and then it should work. Also, there is nothing particular to configure there.

How To Install and Configure Couchpotato?

The Installation:

So, if you have got all of the prerequisites addresses. Then you are ready to start installing and also configuring Couchpotato. Also, from the Couchpotato homepage, you have to simply click on the OSX or Windows button. It depends on your operating system. You can also save the file to your computer. When the download is complete, then double-click on it to start the installer.

When the installer will start, then just click on next a couple of times. You have to click on the Install button. Then let the installer will also work it is magic. So, After a few seconds, if the installation will be complete. Then click on the Finish option and quit the installer and then start the application. Now, this will really get if it is that easy! Although, just by installing Couchpotato that is just the beginning. However, the bulk of the work is also configuring it. So, this is where if we are going next.

The Initial Configuration:

Now, Upon starting Couchpotato apart from opening this in an independent window. This will also open in a browser window. Also, using Chrome, so it will also open this in a chrome window for me. Also, the presentation is a tad minimalist but don’t let that stop you. So, You will also soon see that how powerful this software can be. You can also Scroll down just a bit to the Basics section.

After that, You have the option and you have to set a username and password and then access Couchpotato. In case, if you intend to access it from a remote location. Then we strongly advise that you have to do that. This is not, it is up to you. You have to scroll down again until you will also get to the Download Apps section.

So, This is where if you will also tell Couchpotato what application(s) you will be using to actually download the files. Also, we have indicated earlier then we will be using SABnzbd for Usenet and also µTorrent for torrents. As all we need to do is to flip the toggle that is next to the µTorrent and SABnzbd.

So, Let’s Get Sidetracked For a Little While:

Now, Before we will go you any further. Then we have to adjust some µTorrent and SABnbzd settings. The very First thing is that you have to start the µTorrent and then open the Preferences. This is by using the gear button near the top right of the window. Now, From the Preferences window, you have to click the + next to Advanced available on the left. You have to expand the options, and then click on Web UI. Now, you have to check the box and then Enable Web UI. You have to choose a username and also a password. So, you are there, then you have to check the Alternative Listening Port box. This is with the port at the right number set to 8080. Then click on the OK button that is available at the bottom to save your changes.


If we are still outside of Couchpotato, then we also need to prepare SABnzbd. You have to start the application and then go to its browser window. Then click on the Config button (the one with the gear) at the top right of the screen. You have to click on the General tab, and then take note of the SABnbzd port number that is near to the top and also scroll down a little until you see the Security section.

You have to select the text available in the API Key box and then copy it to the clipboard (ctrl-C). Now, Back to the Couchpotato window, you can also enable SABnbzd and µTorrent that is revealed some fields that we need to fill.


Using the Sabnzbd section, which is next to API Key. You have to paste the key that you just have to copy from the SABnbzd window. Then you have to Make sure the port number is also correct and then it is under Category. You have to enter a category name if you want Couchpotato. Then you have to place NZ files in. Also, For simplicity, this will let you just enter Couchpotato in that field.

In the next step, this is under the µTorrent section. You have to make sure the localhost port number matches that is from the µTorrent Preferences screen. After that, you have to enter the username and password then you have just added in µTorrent. In the end, you have to enter a label that you will also identify the Couchpotato downloads. Then Again, you will also let you just put Couchpotato.

You can also continue scrolling and, on your way down the page. You have to make sure that the switches will next to the Binsearch and also NZBClub are on. After that, scroll all the way down and then click on “I’m ready to start the awesomeness!

Remember that for Couchpotato to work, you need to leave SABnzbd and µTorrent running.

So, Before you just start using Couchpotato. Then we will also suggest installing the Couchpotato browser extension. This will also make adding files to your wanted list easier. Now, there is one for Firefox, one for Chrome, and one for Safari. Ways to do that differ from browser to browser but a simple search within the extension store for Couchpotato should quickly locate it. So, this is just a matter of downloading and also enabling it.

You have to connect the extension to Couchpotato, then go back to your Couchpotato page and also click on the Couchpotato extension icon. Having a small list of instructions that will open, you just have to follow the directions.

About Using Couchpotato:

To Add Movies:

In this case, we have got Couchpotato installed, then let us see how it actually works. Now, the basic principle is rather simple. So, You will also tell it and what movies if you are looking for and then it will periodically search the Usenet groups and also torrent sites that are for the movie title if you specified. If it finds a match, then it will automatically download it. This will also let you see how you add a movie to your search list.

add movies


You have to Go to the Couchpotato window and then make sure if you are on its homepage. Then click on the Home link on the left pane if you are not. You have to search for a movie, then click on the box that will say the Search & add a mew media near the top of the screen. After that, you just have to type the name of the movie you want to add into the box.

So, As you type, there is a list of suggestions that will also dropdown. You have to find one that will also match what you are looking for (look at the year to the right of the list as well) and then click on it. Having the tile and movie year will also replace this with two drop-down lists. This one has the exact movie title and the other has the quality.

Also, you have to make sure that the title is the right one and, optionally. You have to click on the Best to pick a different quality. So, There are several levels of quality that you can also specify from HD to cam. Now, you have to get the best available quality then just leave “best”. You have to download the highest-resolution version of the movie. In the end, you have to click on Add. So, The movie will also add to your Wanted list.

In case, if the movie is also available right now. Then it will also appear in your library. You have to click on Movies available on the left pane and on Manage at the top of the window to see what movies are in your library.

A Search for Wanted Movies:

In this case, if the movie is not available for download. Then this will also appear in your wanted list. Also, if you will see the content of your wanted list just by clicking on the Movies that are available on the left pane. Also, the Wanted option available at the top. A Couchpotato will also periodically search the torrent sites and also the Usenet NZB indexes for your file. If it does locate it, then it will also call µTorrent or SABnzbd. Then to start downloading the file. Now, The files that are downloaded to whatever location is configured in either µTorrent or SABnzbd.

You have to note that if you don’t have to leave the Couchpotato browser window. Then to open for it to work. Now, it will also continue working that is available in the background even after you close your browser.


So, Another cool option is the renamed this will also take the download files and also rename them. Now, You can also configure it using the Couchpotato settings just by clicking on the gear icon near available the bottom left of the screen and also by choosing Settings. Also, You can then specify the renaming parameters just by clicking on Renamer at the left. Then by switching it on at the far right and filling in the appropriate information.

When you are in the settings if you might have a look around for other interesting adjustments. Also, for instance, if you could get fine-tune the searcher. You can also specify what quality levels the app will search for. In case, if it should wait for higher-quality files to become available.

Generally, there are many options that you can also configure to enhance your Couchpotato experience. Using this fact, if there are far too many to talk about them all here! Then Try playing around with them and also experiment and to get the app working the way you want it.

To Use the Browser Extension:

You just have to remember that how we suggest this. If you install the Couchpotato browser extension? Then let us see how that works. This will also be made to work with the Internet Movie Database (IMDB) website. Also, this is possible to work with other sites but the documentation does not specify which.

Also, from any IMDB movie page, then you can simply click on the add-on button that is available at the top of your browser screen. Now, This will also bring up the extension’s panel from the right side.

You Just have to like this with the Couchpotato search results. Then you can also pick the exact title (if multiple titles exist) and then select a specific quality level. You have to add the file to your wanted list, then just click on the Add button and voilà! Having the file that is added to your wanted list and will automatically be downloaded as soon as Couchpotato finds it. Selectively, if you may click the Cancel button at the bottom to get out of the extension. This is without adding the movie to your wanted list.

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However, its installation that might be a little complicated. A Couchpotato is also one of the great pieces of software. So, this will particularly useful that is for well-organized people. Those who plan ahead and also want to ensure they don’t miss out on any of their favorite movies. This is not only that, but it will also ensure you get your files as early as possible. Having the quality that you want them. This will also sure the beats that are running manual searches. So, this is now and then until you will find what you are looking for. So, Are you a Couchpotato user? Would you like and also dislike it? Do you have any issues in installing, configuring, or also by using it? We would also like to hear from you. Kindly share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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