Communication in WhatsApp will be Paid, but only for Business Users

Written by Hassan Abbas

Facebook launches WhatsApp monetization, which will allow the company to earn on services for corporate users.

Even before WhatsApp was acquired by Facebook, the messenger was distributed free of charge, but after a year of use it was necessary to pay $1 or to put up with an advertising banner. And so, for nine years of its existence the company finally decided to enter paid messages.


Do not worry, the payment for communication in WhatsApp will be charged only with business users. That is, in essence the messenger team is expanding its Business API, which will allow companies to exchange messages with their customers using the WhatsApp platform: send service information about services, accept chat requests and offer customer support in real time.

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In the first 24 hours, companies will receive free access to the platform, in the future the services will cost them from 0.5 to 9 cents, depending on the region. The API can also be connected to tools such as Twilio and Zendesk. Communication with customers will be protected through end-to-end encryption.

WhatsApp offered users other ways of communicating with companies. Among them – the feedback function (the ability to leave your phone number on the company’s website), contact support or a direct link icon on the site or in an advertising publication on Facebook.

The messenger’s guide is also considering the possibility of making money transfers through the messenger. At the moment, this functionality is tested in India. Thus, Facebook monetizes WhatsApp, so that the service purchased for $19 billion will finally begin to bring profit to the company.

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