Coming winter update PUBG: snow map, night mode, retro car and C4

Written by Hassan Abbas

This is indicated by images, files, and descriptions found in the update of the “royal battle” for test servers.

The fact that the PUBG will have a winter map, it became known this winter, but thanks to the data managers, players were able to look at the snow-covered location a little earlier than expected. The user with nickname u/ruskalaka posted on Reddit files with the latest update of PUBG, containing images of new objects and that same winter map.

PUBG Snow map

The map is called Dihor Otok, its dimensions are 8×8, but the actual area is closer to 6×6, that is less than Evangel and Miramar, but more than Sanhok. Apparently, the location will appear in mini royale mode.

Judging by the image, it is a river divided by the river, most of which is covered with snow. On the map, there is a labyrinth DinoPark – a theme park of entertainments, as well as a castle, a space center with a rocket and other objects. In addition, found a new explosive C4 and a retro car, similar to the model Volkswagen Beetle.

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Some files are marked as weather_night, which can mean the expected nightly game mode, as well as references to Conquest, which in theory will look like the dominance mode in Call of Duty, where you want to grab a certain area on the map. The rest of the images of the snow map can be viewed. The update with new winter locations is likely to come out this winter.

Source: Imgur

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