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Code 2495 Couldn’t Grant Reward: Fix Battlefront Error

Code 2495 Couldn't Grant Reward
Written by Hassan Abbas

Error Code 2495 couldn’t Grant Reward looks to appear to a lot of unlucky players nowadays according to multiple reports. But it should be noted that the specific issue appears on all the platforms like PC, PS4, Xbox One. So this specific error message comes whenever the players are trying to unlock a reward. Thus if you are also including in them, then check out this tutorial to fix it. Similarly, the code 2495 couldn’t Grant Reward.

Hence the error text says something like this:

‘Sorry, we couldn’t grant your reward. Please try again or check your inventory for new items.
Error code: 2,495′

Similarly, it is expected that the specific error code appears due to the server-related problems, higher ping response, TCP or IP issues, internet cache issues, and etc. So you are able to check the possible workarounds below in order to quickly resolve the issues.

Fix Battlefront Error Code 2495 Couldn’t Grant Reward

Whether in case, you are not able to redeem any items from the Star Wars Battlefront game for a while. Then restarting the game doesn’t work in multiplayer matches which means that there are some issues with the game servers.

Code 2495 Couldn't Grant Reward

1. Check the Server Status ( Code 2495 couldn’t grant reward)

Anyhow you are able to head over to any of the following links to check the Star Wars Battlefront game server status in real-time.

Whether in the case, the game servers are experiencing issues with the maintenance then make it sure to wait for some time and then you have to try again.

2. Attach to Another Ping Site

  • Firstly, organize the Star Wars Battlefront II > Head over to the Options.
  • Then you have to tap on EA Account > Find the Ping Site under the Multiplayer Settings option.
  • Now, convert the Ping Site to Germany / U.S.
  • Once it will do, then restart the game to apply conversions.

3. Power Cycle Wi-Fi Router

  • First, you have to enable your router by tapping the power button on it.
  • So next, unplug the power cord from the router and then you should wait for a few seconds.
  • At last, you should, plug the power cord back into the router and then enable the router.
  • Finally, now, connect to the internet again and start playing the game.

Reset the WiFi Router ( Code 2495 couldn’t grant reward)

  • You have to find out the Reset button at the backside of the Wi-Fi router.
  • Only the long-press the Reset button and long-press the Reset button for few seconds.
  • Then the LED indicators of the router will begin to blink after a hiccup that means your router is now fully reset to its factory default mode.
  • Now, open the router’s login and settings page from the web browser on your computer.
  • Now you should set up all the required IP address, Subnet Mask, DNS settings, and more according to your ISP.
  • Similarly, if once done, then connect your gaming device to the same Wi-Fi and begin playing the game.


Well, it all. So we hope that you will find this tutorial guide the most helpful. So for further queries, feel free to ask us in the comments below.

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