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Fear the Wolves
Written by Hassan Abbas

The company Focus Home Interactive published a video of the project Fear the Wolves from the studio Vostok Games in anticipation of the largest gaming exhibition in the year – E3 2018. Apparently, the developers plan to attend the event to show visitors the gameplay of the new “royal battle“. A key feature of the gameplay is the atmosphere of the STALKER universe, which gamers love so much.

Here you and the anomalies, and mutants (although the video showed us only wolves), and post-Soviet locations with churches, small houses, and dense forests. It looks very attractive and atmospheric. Directly wanted to play.

It is necessary to understand that fans of the STALKER series not only in the CIS but also in same America. It is on foreign users that the new trailer is aimed – even the description, in the beginning, is made in English. Gamers in the US are much easier to part with money when it comes to the next popular project, especially when it comes to the “royal battle”.

Yes, and in the setting, close to the USSR. On the other hand, domestic gamers, so to speak, are also ready to buy a novelty and run around in favorite locations, battling for survival in a dangerous world.

Now about the game process. Already, some individual gamers were able to get into the closed test Fear the Wolves, the network can even find several gameplay clips. And the new trailer of the project also tells a lot of interesting things. On the map, there will be one hundred players, all land with parachutes.

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At the very beginning of the round, nothing will be in your hands, fighting and fighting with your bare hands is not very interesting. So you need to look for weapons. You can inspect the location around you, you can run to the parcel, but there you will most likely be waiting for other fans of firearms.

The ultimate goal is to survive. That’s just the complexity of the process is that, in addition to other players, you can damage mutants and dangerous anomalies. We need to move quickly, like shooting (the physics of shooting is elegant, by the way), while looking around for distortion in space. Of course, the video is a little embellished, the picture in the game does not look so delicious.

Fear the Wolves

Fear the Wolves

But Fear the Wolves really deserves attention. I think if the project gains the necessary popularity, then we will have something to do with the release of STALKER 2. If he ever came out at all.

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Via: PCGamer

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