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Clear All Your Notifications on Apple Watch

Written by Hassan Abbas

Clear All Your Notifications: On Apple watch notifications help you stay informed without having to select your iPhone. Also, your alerts are easily accessible with a simple swipe down from the top of your Watch face. Unlike your iPhone, those notifications can pile up. Besides click each one to make it go away, you can remove through them and then make them all disappear at once. How do you do that, you ask? Our guide shows you how to clear all of your Apple Watch alerts at one time.

Clear your Apple Watch Notifications at Once

As you already know, when you’ve new alerts on your Apple Watch, a small red indicator will appear at the top. You just swipe down to see the notifications and then scroll through them and click one to open it.

Once you view your alerts, the red indicator will disappear from your screen, but those notifications are still there when you swipe down again.

If you want to make all of your alerts disappear, swipe down to open the list and then use Force Touch. When you click and hold on the screen, a Clear All button will appear. Click it and you’re done!

If you change your mind about removing those alerts when the Clear All button appears, just hit the Digital Crown and you’ll go right back to the list.


Certainly, little tricks you don’t know about that help more than you expect. So at the next time, your Apple Watch notifications build up and you wish to clear the list, just use the simple tip.

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