Claris Launches Beta of its Connect Automation Platform

Claris launch beta automation
Written by Hassan Abbas

Claris Launches Beta of its Connect Automation Platform: Apple’s secondary, FileMaker, changed its brand to Claris not too long ago. And now it has a beta of its newest venture.

In a blog post “Transformation is all about flow”, Claris, formerly known as FileMaker, reveal Claris Connect. This will connect a range of third-party applications and services together in an effort. Just to make them all run smoothly together, and get your workflow in tip-top shape.

It’s a difficult behind-the-scenes process. But Claris says it aims to make it as simple as possible so that these services can be stitched together easily and quickly. Claris is maintaining the back-end configuration. So developers won’t need to rely on custom coding to reach the same goal.

Claris Connect is just in beta for now:

This morning, we announced the Beta release of Claris Connect. A service designed to do just that: supercharge your innovation. And the complication required to click into them. With Claris Connect, simplicity and power of integration and automation are no longer a tradeoff!

He Connect offers automation with no limitation with the ability to connect cloud and on-prem resources seamlessly in a flow. For those using Claris FileMaker, automation is seamlessly unified with modern apps and built on Claris Core. Sharing the same security, agility and global availability built on the unified cloud fabric.

He obtains Steamplay recently, which was a service that integrated third-party services based in the cloud in other applications. Building upon that made Claris Connect a possibility.

Do you know who is Claris?

He is the creator of the world’s leading Workplace Innovation Platform. The company has more than 1 million active users globally across SMBs and the Fortune 500. Claris is headquartered in California having worldwide operations including LondonParisBeijing, Sydney, Munich, and Tokyo.

This is a solid start from Claris, so it will be fun to see what comes from the Apple secondary next. This sounds like a useful tool for enterprises!


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