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Chrono Clash for PC – Android Apk Download

Chrono Clash for PC
Written by Hassan Abbas

About the Game:

Chrono Clash for PC is the SRPG in the Final Fantasy Tactics line or Vandal Hearts, in which players can lead a hired company. Our role will be decisive in the fate of the kingdom of Tevalles, who plunged into absolute chaos after the assassination of the king.

The Chrono Clash game system is very similar to the aforementioned titles. During the fighting, the action will take place in turn, so that when one of our characters touches us, we can move it and perform the action. Usually, this action will attack, but we can also use spells, defend another ally and so on.

Chrono Clash for PC

New Weapons to Try:

Between battle and battle, players will be able to manage all aspects of their mercenary company. They can buy and arm new weapons and armor, recruit new members, learn new skills, etc. We can also interact with other characters, accept secondary missions and, of course, advance in the history of the game.

Chrono Clash is an outstanding SRPG that has a deep and interesting story, an actor’s charismatic character and a very good graphics section. The combat system of the game, in addition, is a real miracle, which will appeal especially to fans of traditional SRPG. Conquer the kingdom, master the work of the system in this step-by-step tactical JRPG!


Customize your hero equipment, skills, and appearance! Design heroes that match your style of play. 20 classes, more than 100 skills and 200 subjects to choose from.


Height, positioning, and timing is key elements of tactical gameplay in the Chrono Clash for PC. Tilt the enemies or attack them from the top with ranged weapons. Smart tactics and strategy will allow you to overcome stronger opponents, even if they exceed the number.
Play either with a dynamic camera or with a traditional isometric camera.

The Kingdom of Tevales is in turmoil after the death of the king. As the new leader of your mercenary company, you are plunged into an intrigue for the struggle for the power of the nobility. Go on a journey that will forever change the future and fate of Tales.

Steps to Chrono Clash for PC

To Download Guardian Prelude: HD Full Version for PC. You first need to download and Install Emulator of Your Choice. Here is the List of Top 5 Emulators. or the Bluestacks 3

Recommended: Guardian Prelude: HD Full Version for PC / Windows / Mac

Play Store:

Chrono Clash - Fantasy Tactics
Chrono Clash - Fantasy Tactics
Developer: Gamenami
Price: Free


Download Guardian Prelude: HD Full Version APK

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