Chrome for Android will have an Improved Download Manager

Chrome Canary
Written by Hassan Abbas

In the near future, Chrome for Android will receive the long-awaited function of selecting the download folder and changing the name of downloaded files,

In the new version of Chrome Canary (an experimental version of the browser), the download manager has been updated, now allowing to edit the name of the downloaded file and select the download folder. This innovation has been waiting for many users of the mobile version of the web browser for a long time. Chances are good that the innovation will appear in the stable version of Chrome.

Chrome Canary

Chrome Canary Downloads

At the moment when downloading direct links to files, the download often starts automatically – the download manager selects the Downloads directory on the device. Recently, in some versions of Chrome, you can activate the function of manually selecting a folder every time you download files. However, this is done in the developer’s hidden menu (under the link chrome: // flags # enable-downloads-location-change). And the function of renaming files before uploading is still not there.

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In the new version of Chrome Canary, the ability to rename the downloaded file and choose the location of its download appears for any download, and this option is activated by default (you can turn it off if you want). Apparently, developers from Google are actively testing this feature. Since the updated download manager has only positive changes, it probably will appear in one of the upcoming versions of stable Chrome.

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