Chrome 69 now forcibly authorizes users

Chrome 69
Written by Hassan Abbas

The search giant has hidden from users the automatic login to Chrome, which occurs when authorizing in any Google service. In early September, Google released the latest version of its Chrome browser with index 69, which received a new look in accordance with the concept of Material Design. However, in Chrome 69, there were other hidden changes that are of concern in terms of privacy.

If you have the latest version of Chrome, be prepared for the fact that now when you authenticate with any Google service (Gmail, YouTube, etc.), the browser automatically connects your account to Chrome. This means that your account is de facto mandatory for work, and browser data is sent to the server of the search giant. Fortunately, the synchronization of history and passwords still requires user confirmation.

Chrome 69

In fact, Google has tied the Sync system to its services, leaving the account in any of them means leaving the account in Chrome. Previously, you could log in to the browser at will. The data of those users who did not want to connect their account were stored only locally on the device.

Interestingly, Google’s privacy policy almost does not share rules between the general mode and the authorization mode. No difference.

As explained in Google, this innovation is due to the fact that some users work on the same computer. In this case, each of them has its own mail, but continue to use one profile in the browser. They do not understand the difference between authorization in Chrome and Gmail or in another service, so the data of one user can go to the data of another. For this purpose, a mechanism for automatic authorization in Chrome was developed.

Nevertheless, Internet users are strongly indignant at such changes. First of all, because they were not given the opportunity to choose whether they needed such a function or not.

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