Choose Between Tab Switcher & Share With All New 3 Buttons On Chrome Duet

Chrome Duet
Written by Hassan Abbas

What do you know about Chrome Duet? Google works under a bar interface for Chrome for what feels like forever and keeps modifying the layout. At first, the browser complete its app bar moved under it. However, the current implementation left the bare address bar up top and then put all buttons (new tab/tab switcher, share, home, overflow menu) in the latest location. The newest iteration of the design, accessible on Chrome Dev or Beta, limits the number of shortcuts under five to three, and people aren’t happy about it.

The issue with this implementation for several is that it completes making you select between the tab switcher and the share button. However, both features that you might use oftenly and are happy to have quickly accessible. When you move to Duet’s flag, chrome://flags/#enable-chrome-duet (CTRL+C and CTRL+V this to a new tab). However, you get to select from 3 variations of the 3-button layout such as Home, Tab Switcher; Search, Home, Search, Share; New Tab, Search, Share. The choice to put both the tab switcher or share shortcuts on under is missing. The case on Chrome Dev is quite similar, as the entries in the flag are labeled differently.

You’ll also switch between adjacent tabs by moving under the bottom or top bar beside of which layout you select. But when you have Android 10’s navigation gestures turned on, that’s just asking for the issue. It’s quite easy to accidentally move between apps rather than tabs when you move over the bottom bar.

The rebuilt also moves some buttons back into the top bar present next to the address field. The 3-dot overflow menu is always up there now, and the home access and the tab switcher will display up next to it relying on which layout you select.

What’s more?

In my opinion, this design merges the worst of both worlds. Google also considers including arrangements that add both the tab switcher and the share choice. I was ever using the home button, that space would be wasted, and the new tab shortcut is less omnipresent than tab switcher access. Also, it odd that Google limits the number of bottom tab icons to 3 in the first place, as you can find four or more on several other apps. It includes Search, Keeps, and images.

For now, the modification only lives in Dev, Chrome Beta, and Canary, but it might only become a matter of time until it makes its way into the stable launch (where you recently want to enable the Duet flag to use the bottom bar, too). If you want to get the hang of the latest layout, install one of the pre-launch models, also available on APK Mirror (BetaDev).


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