Chinese Xiaomi can not be bought anymore – they do not have a global MIUI

Written by Hassan Abbas

It is no longer possible to order a cheap Xiaomi smartphone on AliExpress, reflash it to a global MIUI and get a secure gadget. Company Xiaomi has updated the policy of distributing the firmware MIUI on their smartphones. According to the new rules, users can no longer install global versions of MIUI on Chinese versions of devices with a locked bootloader and vice versa. The updated policy concerns only new devices: starting with the Redmi 5 series (2017 of release).

More recently, the new rules came into force. A lot of users did not know about them and when installing the global version of MIUI, Chinese smartphone models received a “brick”. The same situation occurs when installing Chinese firmware on the international version of devices.


Apparently, the above change affects only devices with a locked bootloader – when it is unlocked, users can still install an officially incompatible version of the firmware on their smartphones. However, it’s unlikely that many people will risk doing this since using gadgets with an unlocked loader is extremely unsafe. Earlier, some people bought Chinese smartphone modifications on AliExpress or similar sites, and then installed a global version of the firmware on them – this allowed to save considerably on devices.

In a separate article, the editor-in-chief of our site detailed the details of why you can not use Xiaomi smartphones with the Chinese version of MIUI.

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Xiaomi did not give any comments on what caused the introduction of these changes. Perhaps the users of the Celestial Empire have all too often reflashed their smartphones to the global MIUI (since the Chinese version of the firmware is full of advertising, unlike the global one), which caused the corporation’s revenues to decline.

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