Chinese Policemen Armed with Laser Rifles

Written by Hassan Abbas

The Chinese company ZKZM plans in the near future to equip the police and military China with a new secret weapon – an assault rifle that shoots a laser at a distance of 800 meters. It is completely soundless, with enough power to burn the clothes and skin of the enemy. You can also deal damage through the glass without destroying them. The range of defeat and absolute soundlessness will allow the operative release of hostages, neutralize terrorists and conduct secret military operations. Unfortunately, there are no real photos or at least mock-ups of new weapons in the network, because this is a secret project. All images in the news are illustrations.



The pain from hitting the ZKZM-500 in the body will be unbearable. Nevertheless, the weapon is not considered lethal, it does not cause deadly damage. Together with the battery, the rifle weighs 3 kilograms (weight of AK-47). A sniper can inflict 1000 shots in two seconds, after which the battery will be discharged, “said one of the rifle developers.

At the moment, ZKZM is looking for partners who would help finish the product and send it to mass production. But only scientists believe that the laser rifle is just an invention, a myth. First, when a laser passes through the air at a distance of 800 meters, its power will be dissipated, it will not be possible to cause any tangible damage to clothing or skin. Secondly, for such a powerful beam you need to have a huge battery that can not be placed in an assault rifle of standard sizes.

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Let’s hope that the developers will demonstrate the work of the rifle in the case. Although, if the government of China is really interested in the novelty, then we will never know anything about the development of the project.

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