China Considers ASMR-Content Pornography

Written by Hassan Abbas

In China, in an instant, all variants of ASMR content were blocked. The state anti-pornography service called this phenomenon “too vulgar, with erotic overtones”. Video and online broadcasts with information in the form of a quiet whisper are actively blocked, cleaning the Internet from unwanted content. In a sense, the public agency is really right – often this style of broadcasting is used to spread information of a sexual nature. But there are a huge number of people who listen to sounds and whispers for relaxation and sleep.

The State Anti-Pornographic Service of China officially stated that at the moment in the country a large number of pornographic content is distributed under the guise of ASMR. In the opinion of this institution, law enforcement agencies should engage in the purification of websites and punish offenders.



A significant part of the ASMR audience is young people. They are under threat. In search of content for relaxation or sleep, a user can go to the site with unwanted content. All Internet providers must fulfill their duties and clean the Internet, so that minors are under reliable protection.

As it often happens, the ban on ASMR was released without an accurate description of the undesirable content. That is, providers could not say with certainty whether the video contains pornography or not, so it was decided to ban everything. At the moment, it’s impossible to find content on the key request “ASMR” on the mainstream streaming services of China, all videos are blocked by providers. This situation is not very like the ardent fans of ASMR, who used to whisper as a way to fall asleep more quickly.

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ASMR is now banned? Do you really think that there is something sexual? Now I can not fall asleep, – an angry comment from the social network Weibo.

The creators of this kind of content also reacted negatively to the ban. Many leading broadcasts read books or just talked in a whisper, thereby helping the viewer to relax, fall asleep or avoid a stressful situation.

I just read the books aloud so that people can fall asleep from my voice. It seems to me that if China were more gentle about such things, many moral problems could be solved much easier. But, our society is rather conservative, the current moral standards do not allow it to be done, “the leading online broadcast host spoke.

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Now on the Internet of China actively discuss the following directions, which the government can prohibit. ASMR is by no means the main problem of the community, but if it was blocked so quickly and deleted all references from the network, then more serious tasks should also be solved in the near future. Apparently, China is not yet ready to enter a new level of Internet freedom.

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