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How to Check Whispers on Twitch – Tutorial

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Written by Kelly Houstan

Do you guys know that you can now send private messages on Twitch too? And you can also do this to any of your friends on Twitch, also even if you are watching different video streams at the same time. You can also whisper to any of your friends through simply opening your chat box and typing “/w” plus your friend’s username as well. You no longer have to express yourself in public because, as mentioned, it is a private message as well. Just read this article to know all about How to Check Whispers on Twitch – Tutorial. Let’s start!

This actually means that even if you are using the Twitch website or maybe you are on the Twitch Android app or iOS, you guys can now whisper to your friends. 

Start New Whispers | Check Whispers on Twitch

It’s really easy to initiate your first whisper along with a friend. Here are the ways on how you can do it:

  • On your Whisper List window, just look for the “Search” bar.
  • Then type the username of the person you wish to send a private message.
  • Just click on the username and type your message.

As simple as that, you can send also a whisper on Twitch. Anyway, with your chatbox. All you guys need to do, as mentioned earlier, is to type “/w” and username. You will also be directed to a private conversation box as well. You can compose your message to your friend.

Take note that the process is also the same if you guys want to see your friend’s previous whisper. Just search for his username and then open the conversation box in order to see his whispers. Moreover, if you have whispered a friend or vice versa, you will see his username added to your list of active conversations actually. Take note that whispers don’t actually work in Dashboard or Popout chat. This is right now available on the Channel and Directory pages only.

How to Check Whispers on Twitch – Tutorial

How to See Whispers

If your friend has previously whispered to you, however, you overlooked it and want to head back to the conversation. All you have to do is to search him using his Twitch user name. You guys can see the search bar in the whispers list window. If his username appears on the screen, then click on it. And there you have it, you can now see your friend’s whispers as well. 

Thinking if your whispers are saved? Yes, they actually are. That means that even if someone whispers to you whenever, you are offline or away, you can still receive a whisper from a friend as well. In fact, Twitch plans whispers to be synchronized across mobile and web actually. So that no user will miss a single message as well. 

How to Receive Whispers

A new window will just appear if someone whispers to you as well. If you are not online, you guys can still receive whispers. From the moment you opened your Twitch, you guys will know if someone whispered if you see a number of whispers beside a username’s conversation as well. 

How to Manage Whispers

If you guys don’t want others to whisper you, especially from the potential spammers actually. Twitch permits you in order to manage it. You can also spam unwanted messages and at the same time, just help Twitch in identifying the spammers as well. That manage who can whisper you can also block other messages as they come in. Furthermore, you are allowed not to get notifications for a conversation as well. 

How to Block Whispers on Twitch

It is important to know how you can block someone from being able to contact you directly on Twitch. Because sometimes people can harass you in your whispers when it takes them out of the public eye. And mods are not able to handle the situation as well. In order to block someone you can:

  • Choose their name in channel chat so that it opens a little profile summary.
  • Tap on the 3 vertically stacked dots symbol to the right of the profile summary. This will also bring up some extra settings.
  • You can choose the block user button that is now visible, or in extreme circumstances. There required to choose the report user button and file a report in order to Twitch about the user.

Just like that, if the user is not currently talking in the channel you are in you can also follow these steps to block them:

  • Just open the whispers tab through selecting the icon at the top right corner of your screen.
  • Search for, or scroll to older messages from the user you want to block and select them.
  • The history of the chat between you and the user will have opened as well. Just tap on the settings cog in the top right of the chat history and this will also reveal a blocked user and report user button. Choose whatever is appropriate for your situation.

This basically works almost exactly the same on mobile, however, is a little more streamlined. When choosing someone’s name in a channel chat you will quickly see the red block and report buttons you can choose.


Well, That is all from my side. If you want to know more about this article or have any queries. Then feel free to ask me anything in the comments section below.

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