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Check The Sugar in Your Food With this App
Written by Hassan Abbas

The awareness about the food we consume is increasing. It is no longer so strange to read the label of the products we buy, as well as to look for information about certain ingredients. A fact that has proliferated the appearance of applications for mobile devices that help us with this goal. The viral sinAzucar has also joined this world thanks to its new app that we can download for free.

The popularity of sinAzucar has come through the impact of their snapshots. Something as simple as showing the sugar of food based on clouds has created the most impressive images that have made the portal famous. It is not the same to read that a food has 40 grams of sugar per 100 grams, that you can visualize it in an image. A principle that they have wanted to bring to their new application for mobile devices.

The operation of the sinAzucar app is tremendously simple: we will introduce the amount of sugar that a food has and we will choose how many grams or liters we have consumed. After pressing “calculate” we will arrive at a new screen where we are shown the sugar cubes we have consumed, as well as the numerical data. And that’s it. The app consists of two screens, but we have enough and enough to discover this information quickly.

The sinAzucar app is a tremendous help to easily discover the amount of sugar in the food or products we want. Maybe it’s too simple and we miss a database with which to access specific foods, although we have an integrated browser that takes us to your website. An application free of advertising and that surely helps us to become aware of the problem of abusive consumption of sugar.
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