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Check The Number Of Space Podcasts & TV Shows Use On iPhone & iPad

Check The Number Of Space Podcasts
Written by Hassan Abbas

Do you want to check the number of space Podcasts & TV shows use on iPhone & iPad? Your device is dreadful for listening to your newest podcasts and watching your most favorite shows. But if you still want to download these types of items, then you’re going to keep using space. Or else if you are done with a podcast or show, then the question is why you hang onto it?

If you keep listening to the same podcast episode or watch the same show over that’s quite different. And you probably want to keep them. But if not, why wasting storage? You must take at least a few minutes to review what’s going on to view what you can erase.

Here’s how to view the number of TV shows or space Podcasts are using on your iPhone and iPad.

Check your downloaded podcasts and shows

Simply take your iPhone or iPad and follow these instructions to view the podcasts and shows you’ve installed and how much storage they use.

Step 1:

Head over to your Settings and choose General.

Step 2:

Select iPhone (or iPadStorage.

Step 3:

Move down and choose Podcasts. If you choose TV, then you want to tap Review Apple TV Downloads to view the shows.

Step 4:

Now you’ll view the podcasts and shows on your device. On the right side of each one is the total amount of storage it uses.

Step 5:

To remove one or more, simply click Edit, the minus sign next to it, and then Delete.

Step 6:

Click Done once you finish.

It’s quite easy to view how much storage these types of items take up on your device. To look back on the iPhone (or iPad) Storage screen, you can then view other items that are taking space, and at the top, you’ll then view what you’ve used and what’s available.


Here’s all about “Check The Number Of Space Podcasts”. If you’re too much concerned about the total number of space remaining on your iPhone or iPad, simply ridding of podcasts you’ve already hear to or shows you’ve already watched can help to get some storage back.

Are you going to view the total amount of space these items take up on your device? What are the other types of items take space on your iPad or iPhone? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

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