How to Check if Bootloader is Unlocked on Android

check if bootloader is unlocked
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The great thing about an Android phone is that you guys can root it and make it work the way you guys want it to. If you are on an older version of Android that isn’t getting any more updates. Then you can also find a custom ROM in order to flash and get the next version. Or at the very least, also add some of its features. You can also customize almost anything on a rooted Android phone. However, you can also tweak it a bit if your bootloader is unlocked as well. Just read this article to know all about How to Check if Bootloader is Unlocked on Android. Let’s begin!

Unlocking the bootloader takes very little skill and you can do a lot with it. If you need to check if your bootloader is unlocked or not, it’s pretty easy.

How to Check if Bootloader is Unlocked on Android

Check if Bootloader is Unlocked on Android Phone

You guys can check if your bootloader is unlocked or not from your Android phone too. This method should work on most mainstream and also a good number of obscure phones. There will also be some exceptions and if this doesn’t actually work on your Android phone, then you can always go along with the PC solution.

On your Android phone, you have to open the Phone/dialer app, and then enter the code below.


This will actually open a new window. On this window, head to Service info>Configuration. If you guys see a message that says Bootloader unlock and there is ‘Yes’ written in front of it. Then it means the bootloader is unlocked as well.

Check if Bootloader is Unlocked on PC

If you guys don’t get a window when you enter the code given in the previous section. You guys can check your bootloader’s lock status from your PC. It’s just really simple but you have to download ADB and fastboot tools from Google first as well.

You have to download and extract the folder and then open Command Prompt in that folder. You can also do this via typing cmd in the location bar on Windows 10 as well.

Next, you have to put your phone in Fastboot mode. In order to do this, turn your phone off. Then just hold down the Volume Down and Power buttons until your device starts again as well. When it turns on, then just release the Power button. However, keep holding down the Volume down key until you guys see the bootloader screen. It’s just the one along with the little Android bot on its back.

Connect your phone to your PC through its data cable. When you connect it, then just run the following command. If it returns a code, then that means your device has been detected as well.

fastboot devices

When your device has been detected, just run the following command and look for bootloader information. The bootloader for the Nexus 6P that I ran the command on is locked actually.

fastboot oem device-info

It’s just really easy to unlock a bootloader if the device manufacturer allows you to. If it doesn’t, then it can get pretty tricky.

Checking the Status

Now that everything is set, then you can use the Command Prompt to check the status of your bootloader. In order to do this, you should:

  • You have to enter the ‘./adb devices’ command into the Command Prompt in order to check if ADB can locate your device. This should list your phone as well.
  • It executes the ‘./adb bootloader’ command in order to boot into bootloader.
  • When you are in the bootloader, then type the ‘fastboot devices’ command in the Command Prompt and execute it. If it lists a code, that means that the system can detect your phone.
  • Then enter the ‘fastboot OEM device info command and run it. It should list some device data, also including the bootloader information.
  • You have to look for ‘Device Unlocked’ from the info.
  • If it says ‘true’ next to it, it means that your device is unlocked. If it says ‘false,’ it means that that it’s still locked as well.

Can All Phones Unlock Bootloader?

Technically, there is also a way to unlock your bootloader on any Android phone. However, doing that can be really difficult for some models. Their unlocking difficulty relies on the manufacturer. Such as, Nexus is unlockable via default. HTC, Xiaomi, Motorola, and OnePlus phones are also really easy to unlock.

But, some phones are still almost impossible to unlock, and you mostly have to wait for a security weakness in order to get discovered.

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