Screen share in Facebook Messenger on iOS and Mac

How to screen sharing in Facebook Messenger on iOS and Mac

Screen sharing is beneficial for both business and personal conditions. Exemplification, you are displaying a coworker or family member how to do something in an application. So able to share your screen easily in...
Enable and disable VoiceOver

How to enable and disable VoiceOver on your Mac

VoiceOver is included in the screen-reading convenience aspect that allows you to control your Mac with the keyboard authority and customizations. But you are able to take some getting used to if you are...
Set Memoji on Apple Watch

How to set the Memoji on Apple Watch

When Apple releases the watchOS 7 at this moment they add a Memoji app allowing you to creative with Memojis right from Apple Watch. However, you are able to use Memoji watch Face to...
King of Bountiful Harvests

In Pokemon Sword and Shield ‘the king of Bountiful Harvests’

Pokemon Sword and Shield are obtaining expansion packs consistently since the pandemic started. Nintendo let out the Isle of Armor DLC pack back in July. While the new Crown Tundra expansion pack is just...
Auto Rotate

Ways to Fix Auto Rotate on Android

  Auto Rotate is used to switch between two different viewing modes. Android mobiles having two kinds of display. Portrait mode and landscape. Portrait mode holds vertically. The landscape mode holds horizontally. one is. To...
Password Protect

Password Protect: To protect Photos On Android

Password protection can help you to protect your photos on your device. In this era, almost everyone uses the mobile more than that Pc. We have to take care of our important data stores...
Windows 10

Windows 10 :Ways to Increase RAM In Windows 10

In Windows 10 now you can also increase the RAM. Almost all the users of theĀ  Windows operating system know about the ReadyBoost system. This feature is available in the windows vista system. That...
Hyper-Threading on PC

How to Turn off Hyper-Threading On PC

Hyper-Threading is an Intel IA-32 processor architecture aspect. Nowadays when users are seeing to boost their CPU's speed, Hyper-Threading is always there for their help. Hyper-Threading also works as a rescuer for users when...
Auto rotate not working

Auto Rotate Not Working on Android: How to Fix it

Android smartphones come with two kinds of display seeing orientation. Similarly one is portrait mode when you hold the device vertically. While the second one is landscape mode. There is the auto-rotate function, two...
Galaxy S8 Touch Screen Sensitivity Issue

How To Resolve Galaxy S8 Touch Screen Sensitivity Issue

Are you the one who are facing Galaxy S8 touch screen sensitivity issue? A simple fix would be to 1st find whether the display really has some problems or not. Or is it your...