Create Strong Password

How to Create Strong Password to Easily Remember it

The internet has changed the way we recognize the world around us. We see more, experience more, and learn more. Emerging arguably as the most sophisticated breed of Homo Sapiens to walk the face...

Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are not being effective in fighting terrorism, reveals research

We all know that technology companies have been implementing various measures in an attempt to counter the spread of terrorist content on the web. Because of this, we have already shown that YouTube has implemented new...
Instagram update

New Instagram update lets you send multiple videos or photos at once

Instagram is getting more and more complete with different features and more similar to its main major competitor: Snapchat. Now the great update that is coming gives you the possibility to upload, in one go, several...

Unemployed? Google Jobs helps find work in even more markets

About a year ago, Google debuted in the US a tool that allowed its search engine users to find jobs quickly and simply. This resource is now disembarking in India, and should especially help newly graduates,...

Alternatives to Kodi: The 9 best players

For most of us, our PCs are not only used to store important files but also huge collections of music files, movies, TV shows and the like. When it comes to enjoying and managing...