Auto Rotate

Ways to Fix Auto Rotate on Android

  Auto Rotate is used to switch between two different viewing modes. Android mobiles having two kinds of display. Portrait mode and landscape. Portrait mode holds vertically. The landscape mode holds horizontally. one is. To...
Password Protect

Password Protect: To protect Photos On Android

Password protection can help you to protect your photos on your device. In this era, almost everyone uses the mobile more than that Pc. We have to take care of our important data stores...
Android 11

You Need to Know Android 11 Features

Android 11 OS Stable version was released on September 08, 2020. It is the current stable version of Android 10 and all the satisfactory Pixel devices users are able to straight away install it....
Android features

Android Features: 11 Best Android Features

To get android 11? Android features are one of the best features. The updates of the Android OS are a bit slow.  It takes a phase-type process.  And sometimes a month and in some cases...

Ways to clear cache from windows android mac and iPhone in 2020

  What is a cache? cache is basically a separate memory location where the data is temporarily stored. data is not stored or saved in the cache  it is just temporarily available until your PC is...
android system webview

What Is Android System Webview and Can you Uninstall it

You guys have undoubtedly seen the “Android System Webview” app in the update list for your apps. But you’re probably not too sure what it is or if you can uninstall it or not....
uninstall good lock

How to Uninstall Good Lock on Samsung Galaxy

Samsung’s is also known for offering some great features on their smartphones. Some of these features are highly useful however, others might seem gimmicky. Fortunately, the Good Lock application by Samsung is not a...
lg g6 android 9

LG G6 Android 9 Update and Much More

LG G6 could not turn LG’s fortunes but it was a great phone no doubt. Let’s talk here whether the device stands a chance to receive the Android 10 update from LG or not....
nexus 6p settlement

The Nexus 6P Settlement now Paid Out

The last generation of Google Nexus devices went out with a big bang. The Nexus 5X was infamous for its boot loop issue, However, the 6P was best known for its random shutdown problems....
quick switch adapter

Google Pixel Phones Come with Quick Switch Adapter

Moving all your data to a new device can be annoying and irritating at best. And its one of the Pixel's latest features aims to help that. Google's Pixel devices ship along with an...