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Carrom Pool For PC [Mac Or Windows]

Carrom Pool For PC
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Do you want to play Carrom Pool for PC, Mac, or Windows? Carrom Pool is the most popular and easy multiplayer board game that throws all your chips before your opponent. The game provides the user with great thinking or comfortable control, traveling worldwide for gameplay.

Also, it provides the opportunity to have a war against a worthy enemy or opponent. Are you ready for the challenges in the Carrom Pool app?  You can also customize pieces with lots of unlockable items in the app. Using your own style to play all around the globe.

We all know that risk-takers are the money makers. So, it is the same in this game when you take the risk greater in the game, your reward will also be greater. However, the player can also bet coins in matches against other players and win double the amount through the app functions. However, the fine powder is also used on the board to play smoothly. We can also share gifts with our loved ones in this game. Or else, we can express our feeling with the help of emojis. Carrom tournaments also arranged in various countries such as Sri Lanka, India, etc in which different enterprises offer prizes or rewards. It is not only popular in the US or Europe but all over the globe.

Carom Disk Pool Key Features:

Carrom Pool

The features are given below:

  • Soft control to customizing Carrom Pool game
  • Game compatibles without internet connections
  • Win rewards or free chest with unblocking a range
  • Multiplayer gaming function for powerful opponents in Carrom Pool.
  • Different sizes of the board.
  • We can play with your loved ones as well.
  • You can share gold, gifts, and gems with loved ones.
  • Use hack to beat opponents in the game.
  • zigzags shot also available which makes it more amazing.

Carrom Pool is a game that lets the player enjoy Carrom with amazing 3D graphics. Not just this but also it provides realistic physics so a player will have fine-tune or a strength with which the user can hit the game. Also, Carrom has simple rules to play and the one can start playing immediately. Carrom is a free mobile game in which we will get a victory chest and lots of other exciting stuff. We can use cheats or hacks as well. It is commonly played by group of all ages.

Carrom Pool For PC -> How To Play

Strikers weigh 15 grams just to push the carrom pieces towards the pockets.  The red piece is the queen of Carrom. So, it is more valuable in the game. during the game. Also, it is placed in the middle and simply the potting queen, players will get reward triple times more to the player total score. However, the queen size is the same as the normal pieces. The player also pots his own piece with the queen this termed is known as covering the queen. If mistakenly or by chance player put the piece of the opponent to the pot then the queen moved back to the middle again. Also, if the players fail to pot his own piece then the queen will be moved back at the center.

The game helps to increase the arithmetic, concentration, strategic thinking of the user. Carrom Pool is the best perfect way to check the mental skills and challenge patience.

Carrom Pool APK Info:

[palystoreLink url=””]

Download & Install Carrom Pool For PC [Mac Or Windows]

Carrom Pool

We use Android emulators to download and install Carrom Pool for PC Windows 10/8/7 Laptop. Also, you follow the same technique to get this app on your Mac as well. Android emulators can be used to run android apps on laptops. There are lots of emulators available on this link.

Method 1: Install Carrom Pool Via BlueStack

Here we use the best and the famous Android emulator – Bluestacks here. Bluestacks is known for its best experience and graphics. So without much ado, let’s head over to the step by step procedure for Carrom Pool for PC via Bluestacks emulator.

Step 1:

Install and download Bluestacks Emulator on your laptop. If you can’t install it earlier then here is the download link and installation article for you –  Bluestacks for PC

Step 2:

The installation process takes some time. As it depends on your Wifi speed. Wait until it completes the installation.

Step 3:

Now simply open the BlueStack app player. The first boot might take a few minutes based on your computer performance.

Step 4:

Now in the search bar search for the app, you want to install. Type the app name i.e Carrom Pool for PC. You can also open Google Playstore and search for the same app.

Step 5:

After this, a pop window appears where you find the Internet Download Manager app information, and the Install button.

Step 6:

After you tap on the Install button, the app will be installed automatically on Bluestacks. You can find the app at the bottom of the list of installed apps in Bluestacks.

Install Carrom Pool: Disc Game Via Nox

Nox Player

Follow these steps to install the game through Nox:

Step 1:

Install Nox app player in PC

Step 2:

After installing simply run Nox in PC, and then login to Google account

Step 3:

From the tab searcher simply search for: Carrom Pool: Disc Game

Step 4:

After you install Carrom Pool: Disc Game on your Nox emulator simply launch the game.

Step 5:

After this, you will be able to play Carrom Pool: Disc Game on your computer.


Carrom Pool for PC is very simple or easy to play. Also, the game is multiplayer. You can also call it strikers and pocket table games. The game’s focus is to pot all pieces before the players. You can play the game on the board of wood. A set of carrom contains 19 pieces in 3 colors. However, it’s major colors are white, black for players, and red for a queen. The game is very popular in Nepal, Pakistan, India, and nearby areas of the East but its origin is from the Indian subcontinent. So we highly recommend you to play it on your PC, Mac, or Windows and let us know below!

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