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How to Capture Still Image from Video in Windows 10

Written by Kelly Houstan

If you guys want to capture a still image from a video, then you can do that. Through using the Photos app that comes pre-installed on Windows 10 actually. Photos app is an in-built app in order to open pictures and videos on Windows 10. From editing to extracting frames from video, each and everything is possible using the Photos app on Windows 10. Another important function is that you can extract the frame in .jpg format. That is supported via almost every other third-party image editing tool. Just read this article to know all about How to Capture Still Image from video in Windows 10. Let’s start!

Before we start, make sure that you guys have already imported the video file in the Photos app. If you haven’t done that yet, then you will have to go through these steps in order to import photos and videos into the Photos app. Just like that, you can open the video file along with the Photos app as well. For that, right-tap on the video file > Open along with > Photos.

How to Capture Still Image from Video in Windows 10

Microsoft has also updated the Photos app and added quite a few features along with the update. Most of the more noteworthy features permit you in order to edit pictures that have been taken from a Windows phone, one running Windows 10. However, there’s a really neat new feature that lets you save a photo still from a video. It also lets you review a movie frame by frame and then save the one you need. The quality of the photo is just as good as the quality of the movie. The photos are in JPEG format, however, they are live pictures. Whenever you guys open them in the Photos app they will play. When you open them in a normal photo viewer then they will be still images.

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