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Camera Roll is An Image Gallery that Stands Out for its Fluidity

Camera Roll
Written by Hassan Abbas

Going into the world of applications of image galleries can be somewhat laborious. Not because of lack of options, but rather because of it. There are so many apps to choose from that many times we prefer to decline to do the search and stay with the one that comes as standard. But we do not have to settle for something that does not motivate us, so that’s why today we recommend you a gallery of images to take into account: Camera Roll is an open source alternative with which to enjoy our photos and videos without our phone passing much trouble.

We are always friends with open source apps. Camera Roll belongs to this illustrious group and we could not do anything but test it thoroughly. An image gallery based on Material Design that has the usual features that can be found in this type of apps, but also stands out thanks to a couple of properties that are usually not standard.

Camera Roll

Camera Roll

Thanks to Camera Roll we will be able to see all the information Exif of our photographs and we can also edit it without any problems. In addition, we have at our disposal the possibility of viewing the hidden directories that are hidden in our device. A perfect feature to get rid of much of the trash that is buried in the bowels of our smartphone, as well as discovering some surprise. Who knows.

Camera Roll - Gallery
Camera Roll - Gallery
Developer: Lukas Koller
Price: Free

Camera Roll takes time swarming in Android, but it does not stop being an option to be taken into account. An app that improves the performance of many image galleries that are installed in our mobile terminals. Not only because of the characteristics mentioned above, but also because of its fluidity, its long customization options, and its low weight. Maybe not as little as Focus Go, but Camera Roll surpasses it in possibilities.

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