Browsers Removed the Extension Stylish from the Catalog for Identity Theft

Extension Stylish
Written by Hassan Abbas

The new owner of Stylish forever ruined the reputation of this popular extension. It already disappeared from the browser’s directory.

In early July 2018, programmer Robert Heaton wrote in his blog article that the popular extension for browsers Stylish with more than 2 million downloads steals confidential user data. According to him, this began to happen in 2017 (after the acquisition of the extension SimilarWeb). When the original developer owned the browser application, nothing like that happened.

Extension Stylish

According to Heaton, Stylish collects the history of visiting sites, as well as full information about the browser. Messages that after the acquisition of the extension, new developers began to collect user statistics, appeared since last year. Even more: it is written in the updated agreement on the use of Stylish. However, SimilarWeb claims that the data is sent anonymously. Heaton also proved that the extension binds a unique identifier to each statistic of a particular user. Having access to the history of visiting sites, it’s pretty easy to guess which person owns an account in Stylish.

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After the appearance of Robert Heaton’s article, popular browsers removed this extension from application stores, and Mozilla and completely disable the installed Stylish users.

Via: Arstechnica

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