Browser Brave will Allow You to Earn on Viewing Advertising

Browser Brave
Written by Hassan Abbas

Cross-platform browser Brave is preparing to launch a new feature that will allow users to earn a cryptocurrency in exchange for viewing ads. This model of monetization as an experiment appeared as early as 2016.

Now the developers have launched their own platform – a digital advertising system on the blockbuster. In the updated version of the application, a feature is tested that shows about 250 advertisements selected based on activity in the browser. For this, users will receive a reward in the form of Basic Attention Token (BAT) tokens based on the Ethereum platform. Despite the fact that user behavior will be monitored, the developers promise that the information will not spread beyond the browser Brave.

Browser Brave

Browser Brave

How much you can make on the “digital advertising model” – not reported, but the company’s website says that users will receive 70% of the total advertising revenue. Moreover, it is not yet clear what to do with this cryptocurrency in the future. Previously, the creators of Brave promised that for it users will be able to access paid online content or pay donates. As for the rest of the advertisement in the browser, it will still be blocked by built-in tools.

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Last year, Brave developers successfully conducted a round of venture financing, collecting $35 million for 30 seconds. The basic idea of the browser has always been the privacy of users and the safety of Internet surfing.

Via: Engadget

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