BlackBerry KEY2 LE will be Shown at the End of August

BlackBerry KEY2 LE
Written by Hassan Abbas

If the original KEY2 model was too expensive for you, then wait until the end of the summer. We promise to show a Lite-version.

A while back in the network there was a rumor that BlackBerry plans to release a simplified model KEY2. At that time, the community nicknamed the novelty Lite-version, and the announcement of the device is expected in late August at the exhibition IFA 2018. Now the network has an image of the back of the box, on which the product is referred to as the BlackBerry KEY2 LE. The providers of secret information were right and the smartphone will indeed get the name Lite Edition.

BlackBerry KEY2 LE

At the same time, a very popular insider Evan Blass (Evan Blass) published a photograph of the back panel of the updated smartphone and told interesting details of the product. BlackBerry KEY2 LE will receive the same body design as the original model. That is, the developers decided not to change the size and location of the controls. But the rear panel of the smartphone is now made of plastic, and the side faces are painted in one of three colors – blue, red or copper. The whole point of the “simple” version will be the filling of the middle or even the initial level. Maybe here will put a display with a lower resolution, but the screen size will remain the same – 4.5 inches. Pretty handy size for active use in everyday life.

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At the moment, BlackBerry does not react to rumors about the simplified version of KEY2. The date of the official announcement or release, too, no one knows, the network only suggests that the next major exhibition will be the place of presentation. And, unfortunately, there is absolutely no data on the stuffing of the BlackBerry KEY2 LE. Users already want to know for what tasks the novelty can be used. Analysts of the mobile market believe that the company wants to release the most affordable product, which means that it is not worth waiting for the powerful hardware. Fortunately, there is not much time left until the IFA – there everything will be told to us.

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