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Download BirdA MDT Tool [all Versions]

Written by Hassan Abbas

BirdA MDT Tool is a small software application that helps you flash stock firmware on Mediatek smartphones, Feature phones, and tablets. Let’s come and check how to use BirdA Flash Tool. There are some easy steps to use BirdA Flash Tool stock firmware.

Features Of BirdA MDT Tool:

  • It comes with portable applications
  • Helps you to install or flash stock firmware on Mediatek devices
  • Supports devices that are running on Mediatek chipset
  • Supports .txt formats

Portable Applications:

The tool comes in a portable application which means that you don’t need to install it on the computer. All you need to do is to download and extract the tool on your computer and SPMultiPortFlashDownloadProject.exe file to launch the application.

Flash Firmware:

It helps you to install or flash stock firmware on Mediatek devices. You know:

  • The correct firmware of your Mediatek device
  • Then install the Preloader VCOM Driver
  • Launch the Tool
  • Click on Scatter-loading button
  • Locate Scatter.txt file
  • Click on download button to start flashing

Support Mediatek Chipset:

Support devices that are running on Mediatek chipset. Once you install it, BirdA MDT Tool easily detects the devices and get ready to flash the firmware on your devices.

Support .txt Format: 

As it supports .txt format so you can easily find .txt file on the stock firmware of your MediaTek Feature phone, Tablet, and Smartphone.

Download BirdA MDT Tool All Versions:

As we know the BirdA MDT Tool is compatible with all versions of Windows OS, including Windows XP to Windows 10. But if you are looking for the latest version then here are the following links below!

BirdA MDT Tool Versions:

v1316: Mirror 1 (Mega), Mirror 2 (AFH), Mirror 3 (Pcloud)

v1336: Mirror 1 (Mega), Mirror 2 (AFH), Mirror 3 (Pcloud)

v1348: Mirror 1 (Mega), Mirror 2 (AFH), Mirror 3 (Pcloud)

v1408: Mirror 1 (Mega), Mirror 2 (AFH), Mirror 3 (Pcloud)

v1428: Mirror 1 (Mega), Mirror 2 (AFH), Mirror 3 (Pcloud)

v1432: Mirror 1 (Mega), Mirror 2 (AFH), Mirror 3 (Pcloud)

v1452: Mirror 1 (Mega), Mirror 2 (AFH), Mirror 3 (Pcloud)

v1512: Mirror 1 (Mega), Mirror 2 (AFH), Mirror 3 (Pcloud)

v1524: Mirror 1 (Mega), Mirror 2 (AFH), Mirror 3 (Pcloud)

v1620 (latest): Mirror 1 (Mega), Mirror 2 (AFH), Mirror 3 (Pcloud)


These are the latest versions of the BirdA MDT Tool. For further queries and questions let us know in the comment section below!

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