Beta Testing Launch For Apple iOS

Beta Testing Launch For Apple iOS
Written by Hassan Abbas

Beta Testing Launch For Apple iOS: Apple launched a slew of the latest system software beta versions for users enrolled in the beta testing programs. Including iPadOS 13.4 beta 1, iOS 13.4 beta 1, macOS 10.15.4 Catalina beta 1, watchOS 6.2 beta 1, and tvOS 13.4 beta 1. Also, the latest Xcode beta is available for Apple software developers.

iOS 13.4 beta and iPadOS 13.4 beta both focus on bug fixes and enhancements. But it also includes various changes and features. Also, it includes the ability to send folders with iCloud from the Files app. Also, reorder the Trash button in the Mail app to prevent accidentally deleting emails in Mail for iOS 13. It has been a frequent complaint from some users. However, The latest Trash email button is where it was on prior iOS versions before the change. Additionally, there are the latest Memoji options. Also, with a variety of other minor changes in the news betas of iPadOS and iOS. Using all betas, these features can modify or delete before the final launch of the system software.

What’s More?

However, iPhone and iPad users beta testing iOS and iPadOS can find the latest beta update available to install from the Settings app > General > Software Update section of their device.

MacOS Catalina 10.15.4 beta 1 also focuses on bug fixes and feature enhancements for Catalina. They do not appear to be as many outwardly obvious new features as the iOS and iPadOS betas.

Mac users beta testing MacOS Catalina can also find the latest update in System Preferences > Software Update.

Beta testers of watchOS and tvOS can also find the latest beta builds. They are for those launches available to install through their respective settings apps as well.

Apple also goes through different beta versions before issuing a final version to the public. Therefore since these are the first beta launches of iOS 13.4, iPadOS 13.4, macOS 10.15.4, watchOS 6.2, and tvOS 13.4. Also, it’s reasonable to expect the last version can’t be available for all users until spring, at least a few weeks or months away.

Recently, The available stable versions of system software are currently iOS 13.3.1 and iPadOS 13.3.1 for the latest iPhone and iPad. However, iOS 12.4.5 for older iPhone and iPad models, macOS 10.15.3 Catalina for Mac, watchOS 6.1.2, and tvOS 13.3.


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