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Best Tips and Tricks For Gmail: All You Need to Know

Best Tips and Tricks For Gmail
Written by Hassan Abbas

Best Tips and Tricks For Gmail: Like other apps, the Gmail Android app has so many amazing features that are hidden in plain sight. Even if you spend a lot of time inside the app, you might not have traverse everything it has to offer. Using this mind, I recommend sharing the best tips and tricks for Gmail that will advantage you.

Come let’s go!

Get only Important Notifications

Almost every website asks us to log in with our email IDs. They use your email ID to send promotional emails or even spam. While some of these emails come in quite handy others do nothing but generate unnecessary notifications. If you are tired of checking unnecessary emails then you can try toggling on Gmail’s high priority notifications. As they only notify you of emails automatically marked as Important.


Let’s come and check how to toggle it own:

Step 1:

Firstly, Open the app and go to Menu.

Step 2:

Also, click on Settings.

Step 3:

Also, choose your account.

Step 4:

Now go to Notifications.

Step 5:

In the notification tab, Set to High priority only.

Get Custom Notifications

As we mentioned earlier, Gmail has an amazing dedicated notification hotkey for all your important emails. However, if you want to be informed of emails belonging to other labels, then do the dirty work yourself. Also, this, too, is far from complicated. Follow these steps below to turn on notifications for other labels.

custom notification

Step 1:

Firstly, Open the app and go to Menu.

Step 2:

Click on Settings.

Step 3:

Choose your account.

Step 4:

Now open Manage labels.

Step 5:

Choose a category.

Step 6:

Now sync messages, set to the Last 30 days or also set it All.

Step 7:

Now, check Label notifications.

Step 8:

Also, Turn on Notify for every new message.

Turn on Dark mode

Google’s newest operating system (OS) for android devices, Android 10, has globally launched the highly-anticipated Dark mode. For devices that are launched in 2018 or later, the Android 10 update has been a blessing. However, there are so many other devices that aren’t scheduled to get the latest version of Android. Thankfully, besides leaving them hanging, Google has launched Dark mode individually for most of its leading applications. And Gmail was one to receive it.

Follow the steps carefully to turn on Dark mode in Gmail.

Step 1:

Firstly, Open the app and go to Menu.

Step 2:

Click on Settings.

Step 3:

Now move to General settings.

Step 4:

Then open Theme.

Step 5:

Select from either Dark or System default.

Delete Email Search History

We all are pretty concerned with our browser search history and also do everything in our power to keep it clean. When we talk about emails, however, we fail to follow the same routine. However, email searches, too, can uncover lots of confidential information, and we should, at the very least, know how to get rid of our search information whenever we want.


Follow the steps carefully if you want to get rid of your email search history.

Step 1:

Firstly, Open the app and visit Menu.

Step 2:

Now click on Settings.

Step 4:

Also, locate and open (more) icon at the top-right corner.

Step 5:

Now click on Clear search history.

Step 6:

Click Clear to confirm.

Change Inbox Categories

By default, Gmail sorts emails into three categories. These categories are Primary, Promotion, and Social. The first category is booked for emails from people and relevant services. Also, the second and third are booked from promotional offers and social media notifications, respectively. These three categories are generally the most essential, but Gmail also enables you to generate your own platter by selecting the segments that mean the most to you.

Change Inbox Categories-Best Tips and Tricks For Gmail

Step 1:

Firstly, Open the app and go to Menu.

Step 2:

Now click on Settings.

Step 3: 

Choose your account.

Step 4:

Move to Inbox categories.

Step 5:

Select from Social, Promotions, Updates, and also from Forum.

Snooze an Email

If a bunch of emails appears every day and you are forced to deal with them then Snooze Email is the best option. Keeping track of the important ones and replying to them can be a bit of a challenge. Also, you can try to make use of Gmail’s snooze functionality. Just how you would snooze an alarm, you can also instruct Gmail to notify you of an email at a later time or date. And when the time comes, Gmail will greet you with the notification, allowing you to take care of it as you see fit.

Snooze an Email-Best Tips and Tricks For Gmail

Step 1: 

Firstly, Open the email you want to snooze.

Step 2:

Click on the vertical three-dot icon at the top-right corner.

Step 3:

Click on Snooze.

Step 4:

Choose the date and time or select from one of the presets.

Easily Switch Accounts

As we already know, Gmail enables you to add different accounts, even from clients other than Google. Not only this feature makes it quite easy to keep an eye on all your accounts. But also you get an instant toggle to shuffle between them.

To jump from one account to another, all you need is a quite simple swipe gesture. Yes, just locate your Google profile picture at the top-right corner and perform a swipe-down gesture. Also, the Gmail inbox will now reflect one of your other accounts.

Schedule your Emails

We’ve already dealt with the art of snoozing an email. Now, we are focusing on something, which may very well be one of Gmail’s best features, ever. Yes, the email client in the world allows you to schedule your emails and delivers them exactly when you want it.

Schedule your emails-Best Tips and Tricks For Gmail

Here’s how to schedule your emails with a simple tip:

Step 1:

Click on the ‘+’ button to compose an email.

Step 2:

Once you compose your email, click on the three-dot at the top-right corner.

Step 3:

Click on Schedule send.

Step 4: 

Also, Set date and time or select from the presets.

Recover Deleted Emails

If you accidentally deleted a very important email and don’t have its copy with you, then what do you do? How do you save your life?

Well, once you delete an email it goes to the “Trash” folder where it is deleted after 30 days unless you manually remove it from the Trash. So, yes, you can recover your email from the “Trash” folder of your Gmail account.

To access the trash folder and recover deleted emails, follow the steps carefully:

  • Firstly, Open the Gmail app and click the ≡ menu present in the top left corner to open navigation drawer.
  • Now scroll down and click the Trash button.
  • Long touch the mail that you need to send back to the inbox and click the three dots present in the top right corner.
  • Click on the Move to button and choose your preferred folder from the pop-up menu.
  • Click the OK button.

Once you click OK, move to the folder that you choose above, here you’ll search your deleted mail there.

Bookmark an Email

Our inbox has a bunch of emails. Make sure how I said “our” because I know it’s not just me (I hope so). However, even after having smart categories the one organizes emails into primary, social and updates. It’s trouble to search for an important email when you want it.

So, what about bookmarking an email? The feature is not called “bookmark” in Gmail, besides it goes by the name “star” – starring an email. While starting an email, all your starred emails are present in a separate folder Starred”. It’s quite easy to “star” a message it’s right there next to every email, but very few people use it.

If you want to “star” an email click on the “star” icon or move to a starred folder.

To access the starred folder,
  • Click the menu present in the top left corner to open the navigation drawer.
  • Now scroll down and click ‘Starred’. You will search your starred emails there.

Mark Message as Unread

So many times when you get the latest mail, it’s quite tough to reply at that moment. To avoid the unfortunate incident of not replying, you can also keep a visual reminder for yourself by marking the message as unread. Unlike all unread messages, this email will also appear in bold. So, next time when you open your email account to check email, you will also see the unread email.

To mark an email as unread, follow the steps carefully:

  • Firstly, open the Gmail mobile app.
  • Then press and hold the mail that you want to keep as unread.
  • You’ll now get multiple choices in the top bar. Click the 3rd ’email’ icon from left to mark it as unread.

View all Unread Messages

Besides how easy it sounds to “view all unread messages”, there is no button to do it. If you have never felt the need to use it, you might not have to check it.

View all Unread Messages- Best Tips and Tricks For Gmail

Here’s a simple tip to view just your unread items. To do so,

  • Firstly, open the Gmail app and click the search icon.
  • Type (is: unread) and press enter.

Wow! Gmail will then return all your unread messages.

Use Gmail Search Operators

I’m supposing you already know that you can find an email by the sender’s email id, subject, or words that appear in the body. However, if you want to narrow your Gmail search, you can also use Gmail search operators. There are so many search operators, which you can use in Gmail to create very particular searches.

The search term “is: unread” that we mentioned in the earlier tip is also a search operator. If you need to find a specific email that is unread and has the term “Android” in it, you can find for “in: unread Android”, where Android is the search term that you are searching for.

Similarly, if you need to search for an email that is older than one year you can use the search operator like “older_than:1y”.

Here are some other useful search operators:

  • From:

Example: from tab: SRK

  • Subject:

Example: subject: dinner

  • Filename:

Example: filename: meeting.txt

Pull Down to Refresh

Like other Android apps, even Gmail supports pull down to refresh. Just drag down from the top of your screen to refresh your feed. This trick comes handy when you are waiting for an email, and Gmail doesn’t refresh automatically.


Create a Multi-line Signature

Like as your real-life signature, the signature in your email address should be a unique reflection of your work and you. Gmail makes it quite possible to not only add your very own signature at the end of each email but also enables you to customize it with different lines.

  • Click the ≡ menu present in the top left corner to open the navigation drawer.
  • Also, click the Settings icon followed by choosing your Gmail account.
  • Now scroll down to search the Mobile signature tab.
  • Input your complete signature along with additional details that you’d like to mention and hit OK to save.


Here’s a complete guide on the Gmail app. Do you know any additional tricks about Gmail? If yes, then let us know in the comment section below!

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